Hadhth on Violance: The Danger of Pointing a Weapon

📖Sahih Muslim 2617
Abu Huraira reported a hadith from Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) ; (one of them was this) that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: None amongst you should point a weapon towards his brother, for he does not know that Satan might cause the weapon (to slip) from his hand and (he may injure anyone) and thus he may fall into Hell-Fire.

  • The reason behind this is that Satan can influence a person to lose control of the weapon and cause harm to others unintentionally. The best meaning of this hadith is that it highlights the importance of being cautious and careful when handling weapons, and to not let anger or hatred cloud one’s judgment. As for how Satan can cause the weapon to slip, it can be understood that Satan may influence a person’s mind and cause them to lose focus or become distracted, leading to a mistake or accident with the weapon. In Islamic teachings, Satan is believed to have the power to influence humans to do evil and lead them astray from the path of righteousness. Therefore, it is important for Muslims to seek refuge in Allah from Satan’s influence and always be mindful of his tricks and temptations.