Hadith on Honey: The Healing Power of Honey

📖Sahih Muslim 2217 a
Abu Sa’id Khudri reported that a person came to Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) and told him that his brother’s bowels were loose. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: Give him honey. So he gave him that and then came and said: I gave him honey but it has only made his bowels more loose. He said this three times; and then he came the fourth time, and he (the Holy Prophet) said: Give him honey. He said: I did give him, but it has only made his bowels more loose, whereupon Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: Allah has spoken the truth and your brother’s bowels are in the wrong. So he made him drink (honey) and he was recovered.

From this hadith, we can derive a few lessons:

  1. The Use of Honey: The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) recommended honey as a remedy for loose bowels. This highlights the medicinal properties and benefits of honey for certain health conditions.
  2. Persistence in Treatment: The person seeking advice from the Prophet (ﷺ) tried giving honey to his brother multiple times but didn’t observe improvement. However, the Prophet’s guidance remained consistent, emphasizing the importance of persistence in following a prescribed treatment.
  3. Trust in Allah’s Words: When the person expressed concern about the honey worsening the condition, the Prophet (ﷺ) reassured him that Allah’s statement (i.e., the initial instruction to give honey) is true. This demonstrates the Prophet’s trust in Allah’s wisdom and the significance of having faith in divine guidance.

Regarding the medical accuracy, it is important to note that this hadith reflects a specific incident from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and should be understood in its historical context. While honey has been used for various medicinal purposes throughout history, honey can have a beneficial effect on loose bowels for some individuals. It is known for its potential soothing and hydrating properties, and it may help in cases of mild diarrhea. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of honey can vary depending on the underlying cause of loose bowels, and it may not be suitable for all individuals or all cases of loose bowels. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.