Time Dilation In Quran

Time Dilation In Quran

?Quran 70:4
Sahih International
The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.

  • The meaning of this verse is that angels will experience one day while humans will measure it as 50,000 years. This refers to time, not distance. This phenomenon can happen if angels pass through wormholes.

Wormholes: A Brief Introduction

A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel-like structure in space-time that could potentially provide a shortcut through the universe by connecting two distant points in space. The concept of a wormhole is based on the theory of general relativity, which was developed by Albert Einstein in the early 20th century.

Reference : What Is Wormhole

Understanding Time Dilation: Relativity

Time dilation is a concept from physics that describes how time appears to be slower or faster for an observer relative to another observer in a different state of motion or gravity. It arises due to the fundamental principles of relativity, which state that the passage of time is not absolute, but instead depends on the observer’s frame of reference. In simple terms, time dilation means that time appears to pass slower or faster for different observers depending on their relative motion or the gravitational field they are in. For example, time appears to pass slower for an object in motion relative to a stationary observer or in a stronger gravitational field relative to a weaker one. This effect has been observed in numerous experiments and has important implications for many areas of physics, including space travel, GPS technology, and particle physics.

Reference : Time Dilation

Additional Information 

The Quran is considered to be a book of miracles due to its perceived ability to provide guidance, wisdom, and predict future events. Its eloquence and literary beauty are also considered to be miracles by many. Additionally, Muslims believe that the Quran contains scientific information that was not known at the time it was revealed and that this is evidence of its divine origin. This includes information on embryology, astronomy, and other fields of science, Muslims believe that the Quran’s preservation and the fact that it has remained unchanged for over 1400 years also constitutes a miracle.