Vishnu raped Tulsi in Shiva Purana

📖Shiv Purana Section 2.5 – Rudra-samhita (5): Yuddha-khanda Chapter 41 – The curse of Tulasī Verses:

Vyāsa said:—
1. How did the lord Nārāyaṇa manage to deposit his semen in the vaginal passage of Tulasī? Please narrate the same – Continued..!

Sanatkumāra said:—
28. After saying this the lord of the worlds lay down on his bed. Then out of joy Visnu indulged in sexual intercourse.

29. That lady began to suspect on observing a change in her happiness, endearment and attraction and asked him “who are you?

Tulasī said:—
30. Who are you? Tell me quickly. I have been enjoyed by you deceptively. My modesty has been outraged. Hence I am going to curse you.”

Sanatkumāra said:—
31. On hearing the words of Tulasī, Viṣṇu became afraid of the curse. O Brahmin, sportively he re-assumed his own real beautiful form.

32. On seeing the characteristic signs she guessed that it was Visnu. Infuriated by the violation of her chastity she said.

Tulasī said:—
33. “O Visnu, you are ruthless. Your mind is likea rock. Since my chastity has been outraged my husband is doomed.

34. O wicked one, being ruthless you are like a rock. Hence due to my curse you will become a rock.

35. Those who call you ocean of mercy are erring. There is no doubt. How was a devotee killed for another man’s sake, even without any offence?”

Reference: Shiv Purana Section 2.5 – Rudra-samhita (5): Yuddha-khanda Chapter 41 – The curse of Tulasī Verses 1-34

  • In the mentioned verses from the Shiv Purana, Section 2.5 – Rudra-samhita (5): Yuddha-khanda Chapter 41, there is a narrative about the interaction between Lord Narayana (also known as Vishnu) and Tulasī. The story describes how Lord Narayana engaged in a deceptive act of sexual intercourse with Tulasī, leading to a violation of her chastity. Tulasī, upon realizing what had happened, expressed her anger and frustration, accusing Lord Narayana of being ruthless and unmerciful. She threatened to curse him for his actions. In response to Tulasī’s words, Lord Narayana, realizing the gravity of the situation, transformed back into his divine form. Tulasī recognized him as Lord Visnu due to certain distinctive signs. Despite her anger and feeling violated, Tulasī decided to curse Lord Narayana. She pronounced a curse upon him, declaring that he would turn into a rock due to his heartlessness and violation of her chastity.