Vishnu raped Vrinda in Shiv Purana

Vishnu raped Vrinda in Shiv Purana

📖Shiva Purana Rudra samhita Yudha khanda chapter 23 verse 38-46on seeing her husband, vṛndā too was delighted. she forgot her sorrow. she considered everything a dream, Delighted in the heart and with all the dormant passions kindled up, she sported with him for many days in the middle of that forest. Once at the end of the sexual intercourse she realised that it was Viṣṇu. Vṛndā rebuked him angrily and spoke thus.

Vṛndā said:—
Fie on this misdeed of Viṣṇu in outraging the modesty of another man’s wife. I have now realised you as the wielder of illusion, appearing in the guise of an ascetic.

Sanatkumāra said:—
O Vyāsa, saying thus in great anger she showed her brilliant powers as a staunch chaste lady by cursing Viṣṇu, O base foe of the Daityas, defiler of other people’s virtue, O wicked one, take this curse from me, greater in force than all persons, The two persons whom you made to appear in front of me shall become Rākṣasas[1] and abduct your wife. You will be distressed on account of separation from your wife roaming about with Śeṣa ‘lord of snakes’ who posed as your disciple here. You will seek the help of monkeys in the forest. After saying this, Vṛndā entered fire though prevented by Viṣṇu who was fascinated by her charms.

  • In this passage, Vrinda, a character in the story, becomes delighted upon seeing her husband and forgets her sorrow. She engages in sexual intercourse with him, but realizes at the end that it was actually Vishnu disguised as her husband. Vrinda becomes angry and rebukes Vishnu, accusing him of outraging the modesty of another man’s wife and wielding illusions in the guise of an ascetic. Vrinda then curses Vishnu, stating that two persons, whom Vishnu made appear in front of her, will become Rakshasas and abduct Vishnu’s wife. She further predicts that Vishnu will be distressed due to separation from his wife and seek help from monkeys in the forest. Despite being prevented by Vishnu, Vrinda enters fire, possibly as an act of self-sacrifice or purification. The passage portrays Vrinda’s anger and curse towards Vishnu, as well as her actions and words in the story.

Reference : Shiva Purana Rudra samhita Yudha khanda chapter 23 verse 38-46