Gods And Rishis Committing Adultery

1. Brihaspati 

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 9.20.36📚
When the demigod named Brhaspati was attracted by his brother’s wife, Mamata, who at that time was pregnant, he desired to have sexual relations with her. The son within her womb forbade this, but Brhaspati cursed him and forcibly discharged semen into the womb of Mamatã.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.38📚
The excellent sage Bṛhaspati deluded by Śiva’s Māyā had sexual intercourse with his brother’s wife and Bharadvāja was born.”  (source)

📚Matsya Purana 49.17-28📚
Sûta said: -Brihaspati, whilst staying on Earth, one day saw the wife of his brother, Usija, who was big with child, and addressed her thus :- ‘ Dress thyself well and let us enjoy.” She, being thus addressed, replied to Brihaspati thus :-” The embryo in my womb is mature and is already reciting the Vedas. Thy seed will also not be fruitless and thy proposal is sinful.” Hearing which, Brihaspati said :-“I need not be taught morality by thee, O sweet one.” After saying that, he carried out his desire by force; when on the verge of his final enjoyment, the child from her womb cried out to Brihaspati:-“I have entered the womb first. O Brihaspati, thy seed will also not go in vain. There is no room for a second body in this womb.” Brihaspati being thus addressed by the child in the womb, replied in anger Because on such an occasion, dear to every creature, thou preventest me from enjoyment, thou shouldst see lasting darkness.”  (source)

📚Brahmanda Purana 3.74.37-42📚
The younger brother of Usija was the priest of heaven-dwellers named Brhaspati. He had a great deal of effulgence. He approached Mamatà. Mamata who did not like Brhaspati said to him- “I am the wife of your elder brother and I am pregnant too. This child in my womb, O Brhaspati, yells con- stantly practising the recitation of the Vedas along with their Angas (ancillary subjects). You too. are Amogharetas (one whose semen never goes in vain). It does not behove you, O lord, to approach me on this occasion or in the manner you think.” Though told thus clearly Brhaspati of great effulgence could not resist the passionate impulse of himself, although he was a noble soul. The righteous-souled Brhaspati did indeed have sexual intercourse with her. Even as he was discharging the seminal fluid, the child in the womb spoke to him.”  (source)

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 4.15.59-64📚
Look! The Moon stole away perforce knowingly the wife of Brihaspatī; Indra, knowing what is religion stole away the wife of Gautama; Brihaspatī enjoyed forcibly the wife of his younger; and also he outraged his elder brother’s wife in her pregnant state and cursed the boy in the womb…”  (source)

2. Indra 

📚Valmiki Ramayana 1.48.17-31📚
The thousand-eyed Indra, consort of Sachi, having found an opportunity (during the absence of the ascetic), assumed the guise of the ascetic (Gautama) and said to Ahalya: ‘O most beautiful one those overtaken by passion would not await the completion of the menstrual period (favourable for copulation). O woman of fine waist I desire union with you. O Delight of the Raghus the evil-intentioned Ahalya, inclined towards the king of the celestials and knowing him to be the thousand-eyed Indra in the guise of the ascetic, consented for the union. O Foremost of men with her heart’s desire fulfilled, Ahalya said: “O Chief of the celestials I’m satisfied. O Lord, quit this place: O Lord of the gods, protect yourself and also me from Gautama in all respects. Indra smilingly said to Ahalya, ‘O One with lovely hips, I am gratified. I shall go away the way I have come’. O Rama he (Indra) came out of the leaf hut quickly after his union with her, apprehensive of Gautama. Subsequently, Indra beheld the great ascetic Gautama, unassailable by gods and demons, endowed with the power of asceticism, drenched with sacrificial waters, shining like flaming fire, carrying sacrificial firewood and Kusha grass and preeminent among sages, entering that leaf hut. On seeing him, the face of the Lord of the gods (Indra) turned pale with fear. Having seen the wicked Indra with a thousand-eyed in the guise of an ascetic, the gentle sage Gautama got enraged and said: ‘O Wicked natured one assuming my form you have done a forbidden act. For that reason you shall he devoid of scrotum. Cursed thus out of anger by eminent Gautama, the testicles of Indra immediately dropped down on the earth. Having thus cursed Indra, he also cursed Ahalya: You will be staying here for thousands of years without food and subsisting on air, lying down in ashes, doing penance, without being seen by any living beings in this ashrama.”  (source)

📚Brahmanda Purana 2.27.23📚
Formerly, the penis of Indra along with his scrotum, O sages conversant with Virtue, was made to fall down on the earth by the infuriated sage Gautama.”  (source)

3. Indra, Agni, Soma and Brahma

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 4.13.13📚
Alas! lndra, Agni, Moon, and Brahmā when these get overpowered by the strong influence of lust, are in illicit love with otherś wives, where is the goodness and virtuous behaviour in this Trilokī?”  (source)

4. Krishna 

📚Vishnu Purana 5.13.55-61📚
The Gopīs repeatedly exclaimed, “Bravo, Kṛṣṇa!” to his song. When leading, they followed him; when returning, they encountered him; and, whether he went forwards or backwards, they ever attended on his steps. Whilst frolicking thus with the Gopīs, they considered every instant without him a myriad of years; and, prohibited in vain by husbands, fathers, brothers, they went forth at night to sport with Kṛṣṇa, the object of their affection.”  (source)

5. Mohini

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Krishna Janma Khanda 33.2-10📚
Mohini. Thereafter Mohini started jeering Brahma. Mohini said.- O virtuous one, the one whose mind is influence with simply the move of a damsel and who enjoys her company dragging her towards him, is known as the best of persons. The one who enjoys the company of a damsel after she expressed plainly her desire, he is called to he a mediocre person. The one who rejects a passionate damsel in a secluded place after having been approached by her again and again he falls into the hell after death and becomes unadorable in the universe. He is deprived of the glory, his beauty fades away and the intelligence also leaves him he becomes impotent. Therefore O lord of the universe I am drowning in the ocean of passion which is terrible and difficult to cross, you serve as the sailor and protect me to cross it. Therefore you get up immediately. You bestow me the invaluable gem of your love-sport because I am always devoted to you.”  (source)

6. Shiva

📚Mahabharata 13.14.157📚
He sports with the daughters and the spouses of the Rishis. His hair is long and stands erect. He is perfectly naked, for he has the horizon for his garments. He is endued with terrible eyes.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.34📚
O dear sage, listen to me. I shall tell you about Vaisyanâtha, the incarnation of Siva, the supreme soul that yields great bliss. Formerly, in Nandigrama there was a prostitute known as Mahananda. She was very beautiful and a devotee of Siva. Once Siva assumed the form of a merchant and visited her house to test her. He had assumed the auspicious form of a devotee…The beautiful prostitute worshipped and welcomed the visitor with great joy. She made him sit with great respect….During the night she had her sexual union with the merchant who behaved like a libertine. She then went to sleep on the couch brilliant with a soft bed.”  (source)

7. Soma 

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.22📚
The moon (Soma) deluded by Siva’s Mãyā became lustful and abducted the wife of Brhaspati and had his sexual union with her. But he was finally saved by Brhaspati himself.”  (source)

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 9.14.4📚
After conquering the three worlds [the upper, middle and lower planetary systems], Soma, the moon-god, performed a great sacrifice known as the Rājasūya-yajña. Because he was very much puffed up, he forcibly kidnapped Bṛhaspati’s wife, whose name was Tārā.”  (source)

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Krishna Janma Khanda 80.1-22📚
Sri Krsna said- In earlier times, Tara, the wife of teacher Brhaspati was quite youthful, adorned with gem-studded ornaments, clad in extremely fine garments, was quite chaste, having a developed pelvic region, wearing a serene smile on her face, quite charming, beautiful and good looking… She after taking a bath in the river Mandakini was adorned with wet garment. With her mind devoted to the feet of her husband, as soon as she was about to leave for her home, the moon was infatuated with passion at the sight of her beautiful figure and fainted. O lord of Vraja, this moon fainted on the fourth day of the bright fortnight and he retained consciousness. Mounted on the chariot he forcibly carried Tara holding her with her hand. Tara said- O moon you leave me, O blemish for the gods, leave me alone. I happen to be the wife of your teacher and also the daughter of a Brâhmana, I have always been chaste and virtuous. One has to earn the sin of hundred Brahmahatyas by cohabiting with the wife of a teacher. If the wife of a teacher happens to be the daughter of a Brähmana and a chaste one, cohabiting with her cams the sins of a thousand Brahmahatyas. Therefore, lord of gods, you be patient, look I happen to be your mother and you happen to be my son. In case you indulge in such a type of deplorable action, you will earn disgrace and on hearing this Brhaspati, the teacher of the gods would reduce you to ashes. You happen to be the pupil of my husband and are dear to him like his own son. Therefore, sinful one, don’t indulge in this. You leave the mother like me free and protect the dharma and in case you would touch me again I shall shower on you the sin of the killing of a woman. The moon a on the other hand, did not listen to the words of Tära and got ready to cohabit with her. At this Tara who was free from passion and was quite chaste, became enraged and pronounced a curse on him, “You would be eclipsed by Rähu, covered with the clouds and would be quite sinful to look at. You would be filled with blemish and suffer from the disease of consumption. There is no doubt about Thus pronouncing a curse on the moon she also pronounced a curse on the god of love, “You would be reduced to ashes by an illustrious person. O lord of Vraja, thereafter the moon caught hold of Tara and enjoyed her company who was crying and sobbing. He took her in his lap and moved from that place. Thereafter he took her to secluded places, the charming and beautiful mountains pools, rivers and rivulets, the beautiful valleys, the flower orchards which were surrounded by the black wasps and the cuckoos issuing sweet notes. He also took her to the flower orchards and enjoyed her company on a bed of flowers. Thus the moon having his body plastered with the sandal-paste, consuming beverages and was so immensely absorbed in the company of Tara that he lost track of day and night.”  (source)

8. Vayu

📚Valmiki Ramayana 4.66.10-20📚
She who took birth as the daughter of great souled monkey chief Kunjara, on assuming a human physique, putting on caparisons of amazing garlands, dressed in silken clothing, and shining forth with rarity of her beauty and nubility, at one time ambled on the top of a mountain like a streak of lightning athwart a black-cloud of rainy season. When she is strolling on the mountaintop Air-god has slowly lifted up that broad-eyed lady’s auspicious and ochry silk apparel with red rouches. Then the Air-god beheld her well-twinned, thickset, roundish thighs, and even the paired off plumpish breasts, and her beautiful face which is well proportioned in its build. Just on catching the sight of that gorgeous one, whose pelvic-girdle is fat and ample and who is slender-waisted, and who by all her limbs is pristine, the Air-god is enamoured. He that Air-god who is ensorcelled by Love-god in all of his limbs, though he is limbless and existing in thin air, embraced that immaculate lady with both of his far-flung arms, as he lost his heart for her. But she that conscientious lady perplexedly said this sentence in that matter of invisible hugging, ‘who wishes to despoil my vow of one-man-one-wife. On listening the words of Anjana the Air-god spoke this in reply, ‘oh, high-hipped one, I don’t dishonour you, hence let there be no fear in your heart, for I am the all-permeating Air-god. By which reason I embraced you and impregnate myself within you, by that reason you are impregnated in a supersensory manner, thereby you will beget a valiant son endowed with intellect. An admirably brave, and a bravely dazzling, and a dazzlingly forceful, and a forcefully overpowering son will be there, also thus, he will be a coequal of mine in flying off and jumping up…’ Thus, the Air-god said to Anjana. Oh, arcane monkey Hanuma, when Air-god said so to her, oh, ambidextrous one, your mother is gratified, and then, oh, bullish fly-jumpers, your mother very well divined you in a cave.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.20📚
The wind-god, the vital air of the universe was deluded by Siva’s Mãya due to his arrogance. Overwhelmed by Kama, Vyãsa too, had sexual intercourse with other men’s wives.”  (source)

9. Vishnu 

📚Skanda Purana📚
I am your beloved and innocent wife. Why don’t you speak to me now? You were the conqueror of the three worlds. Devas and Gandharvas along with Visnu have been defeated by you. How did it happen…? After lamenting thus, Vrndä spoke these words to the sage: O excellent sage, O storehouse of mercy, resuscitate this my lover and lord. You alone are capable of bringing him back to life, O sage, I believe. On hearing these words of hers, the sage said with a smile: He has been killed in battle by Rudra. He cannot be made alive once again. Still, out of sympathy for you, I shall make him alive. After saying this, the Brähmana vanished. By that time, the son of the Ocean embraced Vrnda and kissed her face with great mental pleasure and satisfaction. Vrndá too was extremely delighted in her mind on seeing her husband once again. Staying within the forest in his company for many days, she sported about. Once at the conclusion of the sexual intercourse, she saw him in the form of Visnu. Rebuking him angrily Vrnda spoke these words: Fie upon your conduct, O Hari, you commit adultery! I know now well that you are a fake ascetic. The two, your own gatekeepers, who were shown to me by you by means of Maya will be born as Raksasas. They will abduct your wife. You will wander in forest, miserable due to the separation from your wife. Do wander along with this Lord of serpents, who has now been your disciple. After saying this, Vrnda entered fire, though Visnu whose mind was attached to her, tried to prevent her.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana📚
On seeing her husband, Vrnda too was delighted. She forgot her sorrow. She considered everything a dream. Delighted in the heart and with all the dormant passions kindled up, she sported with him for many days in the middle of that forest. Once at the end of the sexual intercourse she realised that it was Visnu. Vrnda rebuked him angrily and spoke thus. Fie on this misdeed of Visnu in outraging the modesty of another man’s wife. I have now realised you as the wielder of illusion, appearing in the guise of an ascetic. 42. O Vyasa, saying thus in great anger she showed her brilliant powers as a staunch chaste lady by cursing Visnu. “O base foe of the Daityas, defiler of other people’s virtue, O wicked one, take this curse from me, greater in force than all persons. The two persons whom you made to appear in front of me shall become Raksasas” and abduct your wife. You will be distressed on account of separation from your wife roaming about with Sesa ‘Lord of Snakes’ who posed as your disciple here. You will seek the help of monkeys in the forest.”  (source)

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 9.24.14-22📚
O Dear! Full one Samvatsara the war lasted betwixt us. All the Daityas were killed. Then Brahma Himself came and mediated. Peace, then, was brought about and by the command of Brahma, I gave over to the Devas their rights. When I returned to my home, Siva went back to His Sivaloka. Thus saying, Hari, the Lord of the world, slept and then engaged in sexual intercourse with her. But the chaste Tulasi, finding this time her experience quite different from what She used to enjoy before, argued all the time within herself and at last questioned him:- Who are you? O Magician! By spreading your magic, you have enjoyed me. As you have taken my chastity, I will curse you. Bhagavän Narayana, hearing Tulasi’s words and being afraid of the curse, assumed His real beautiful figure. The Devi then saw the Eternal Lord of the Devas before her. He was of a deep blue colour like fresh rain clouds and with eyes like autumnal lotuses and with playful Lilas equivalent to tens and tens of millions of Love personified and adorned with jewels and ornaments. His face was smiling and gracious; and he wore his yellow-coloured robe. The love. stricken TulasI, seeing That Lovely Form of vasudeva, immediately fell senseless; and at the next moment, regaining consciousness, she began to speak.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana📚
Vyasa said: How did the lord Narayana manage to deposit his semen in the vaginal passage of Tulasi? Please narrate the same….”It was in the guise of Sankhacuda that he indulged in sexual dalliance with his wife. Listen to the story of Visnu that causes delight…He assumed the guise of Sankhacuda and went to TulasI’s palace. ….Tulasi said:- “O lord, how did you fare in the battle with Siva who renders help to the gods? You had gone to fight Siva who is the foremost of the gods, who is the annihilator of innumerable universes…..Lord Visnu said:- “When I, fond of war, reached the battle ground there was a great tumult. A great battle ensued. There ensued the battle between the gods and the Danavas both desiring victory…… After saying this the lord of the worlds lay down on his bed. Then out of joy Visnu indulged in sexual intercourse. That lady began to suspect on observing a change in her happiness, endearment and attraction and asked him “who are you? Tulasi said: Who are you? Tell me quickly. I have been enjoyed by you deceptively. My modesty has been outraged. Hence I am going to curse you.” Sanatkumara said:- On hearing the words of Tulasi, Visqu became afraid of the curse. O Brahmin, sportively he re-assumed his own real beautiful form. On seeing the characteristic signs she guessed that it was Visnu. Infuriated by the violation of her chastity she said. Tulasi said: – O Visnu, you are ruthless. Your mind is likea rock. Since my chastity has been outraged my husband is doomed. O wicked one, being ruthless you are like a rock. to Hence due to my curse you will become rock. Those who call you ocean of mercy are erring. There is no doubt. How was a devotee killed for another man’s sake, even without any offence?” Sanatkumara said:- After saying this, the chaste beloved of Sankhacuda, Tulasi lamented again and again in the excess of her grief. On seeing her crying, Visnu remembered lord Sankara, Paramesvara, by whom the universe is deluded. Then Sankara, favourably disposed to his devotees appeared in front of them. He was bowed to and eulogised humbly by Visnu. On seeing Visnu distressed and the beloved lady lamenting, Siva kind to the poor tactfully enlightened both of them.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 3.22.45-46📚
In the meantime Visnu saw those damsels born of nectar sprays who were haughty due to their divine beauty and whose faces resembled the full moon. Fascinated by the cupid’s arrow Visnu attained highest pleasure only there. He began to indulge in sexual dalliance with those women of exquisite beauty.”  (source)

10. Sage Vyasa

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.20📚
The wind-god, the vital air of the universe was deluded by Siva’s Mãya due to his arrogance. Overwhelmed by Kama, Vyãsa too, had sexual intercourse with other men’s wives.”  (source)

11. Sage Kandu

📚Brahma Purana 69.58-87📚
On hearing her words the sage lost his courage. He was dubed. Taking that damsel by her hand he entered his hermitage. O excellent brahmins, then Cupid, Spring, Breeze became satisfied. They returned to heaven…It was the physical form of a blooming youth of sixteen years…It was lovely and capable of enjoying all pleasures. On seeing his vim and vigour she was excessively surprised saying—“Wonderful, indeed, is the power of penance.’’ She rejoiced much. O excellent sages, eschewing his rites of holy bath, prayer during dusk and dawn, repetitione of holy names, sacrifices, study of the Vedas, worship of deities, observances of holy rites, fasts, and meditation he sported with her day and night with great joy…With his mind drawn to sexual pleasures he was not aware of the passing time. Twilights, nights, days, fortnights, months, seasons and years sped on. O brahmins, clever in secret amorons dalliance, that lady of fine buttocks, skilled in engaging conversation diverted his mind with various lustful emotions. The sage Kandu engaged himself in vulgar sexual intercourse with her. Many hundreds of years he stayed with her in the valley of the Mandara mountain….“O timid lady, even as I was engaged in dalliance with you, what period of time did pass by?” Pramloca said : “Nine hundred, seven years, six months and three days have passed off till date”.”  (source)

12. Sage Gautama 

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.32-33📚
The sage Gautama had his mind deluded by Śiva’s Māyā. On seeing Śāradvatī in the nude he was excited and he indulged in sexual intercourse with her. He collected the semen emitted in a wooden bowl. Droṇa the foremost among marksmen was born of that bowl.”  (source)

13 Sage Parashar

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.34📚
The great yogin Parasara, deluded by Siva’s Maya, indulged in sexual intercourse with Matsyodari the virgin daughter of a fisherman.”  (source)