Hadith on Antichrist: The Deception of the Dajjal

📖Sahih Muslim 2934 b
It was narrated that Hudhaifah said: The Messenger of Allah said: ‘I know what the Dajjal will have with him. He will have two flowing rivers, one that appears to the eye to be clear water, and one that appears to the eye to be flaming fire. If anyone sees that, let him go to the river which he thinks is fire and close his eyes, then lower his head and drink from it, for it is cool water. The Dajjal has one blind eye, with a layer of thick skin over it, and between his eyes is written “disbeliever,” which every believer will read, whether he is literate or illiterate.’

  • This hadith is a narration by Hudhaifah, a companion of Prophet Muhammad. In this hadith, the Prophet is describing the appearance and characteristics of the Dajjal, who is considered in Islamic eschatology as a great deceiver who will appear before the Day of Judgment. According to the hadith, the Dajjal will have two rivers with him. One will appear to be clear water, while the other will appear to be flaming fire. However, the river that looks like fire will actually be cool water, and the one that looks like clear water will be harmful. The hadith also describes the physical appearance of the Dajjal. He will have one blind eye covered with a thick layer of skin, and on his forehead, between his eyes, the word “disbeliever” will be written, which every believer will be able to read, regardless of their literacy level. The message behind this hadith is that the Dajjal is a great deceiver who will use his powers to confuse and misguide people. Muslims should be aware of his tricks and not be deceived by his apparent miracles or apparent offers of good. They should rely on their faith and seek protection from Allah.