Hadith on Daughters: Reward for Raising and Caring for Daughters

📖Sunan Ibn Majah 3669
Uqbah bin Amir said, I heard the Messenger of Allah(ﷺ) say: “Whoever has three daughters and is patient towards them, and feeds them, gives them to drink, and clothes them from his wealth; they will be a shield for him from the Fire on the Day of Resurrection.’”

  • This hadith from Sunan Ibn Majah 3669 conveys a message of great significance and reward for those who have daughters and treat them with kindness and care. In this hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is reported to have said that a person who has three daughters and fulfills their basic needs of food, drink, and clothing through his own wealth and also shows patience towards them will be rewarded with a special blessing on the Day of Judgment. The reward is that his daughters will be a shield or a means of protection for him from the punishment of the Hellfire. The message of this hadith is clear – raising daughters with kindness, care, and patience is highly valued in Islam, and doing so is considered a means of earning Allah’s pleasure and protection in the hereafter. Daughters are a great blessing and should be cherished and provided for just as sons are. This hadith also encourages fathers to see their daughters as a source of blessing rather than a burden and to recognize the great responsibility they have in raising them to become pious and successful members of society.