Hadith on Deen: Finding the Sweetness of Faith

📖Sahih Muslim 34
It is narrated on the authority of ‘Abbas b. ‘Abdul-Muttalib that he heard the Messenger of Allah saying: He has found the taste of faith (iman) who is content with Allah as his Lord, with Islam as his religion (code of life) and with Muhammad (ﷺ) as his Prophet.

  • This hadith from Sahih Muslim, narrated by Abbas bin Abdul-Muttalib, states that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the person who is truly satisfied with Allah as their Lord, Islam as their way of life, and Muhammad as their Prophet has indeed found the sweetness of faith (iman). The hadith emphasizes the importance of being content with Allah, Islam, and the Prophet Muhammad. It means that a true believer should accept and embrace these fundamental aspects of their faith without hesitation, doubt or reservation. Being content with Allah means recognizing His sovereignty and submitting to His will, trusting that He is the only source of guidance and help in this life and the hereafter. Being content with Islam means accepting the teachings and principles of Islam as the basis of one’s actions and beliefs, and striving to adhere to them with sincerity and devotion. Being content with the Prophet Muhammad means recognizing his role as the final Messenger of Allah, and following his example in word and deed.

In summary, this hadith reminds us that true faith is not just about performing rituals or reciting words, but about having a deep and unwavering connection with Allah, His religion, and His messenger.