Hadith on Emotions: Balanced approach to emotions and relationships

📖Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1997
Muhammad bin Sirin narrated from Abu Hurairah – and I think he (narrated it from the Prophet) who said: “Love your beloved moderately, perhaps he becomes hated to you someday. And hate whom you hate moderately, perhaps he becomes your beloved someday.”

  • This hadith from Jami’ at-Tirmidhi 1997 suggests the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to our emotions, particularly in our relationships with others. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said that we should love those we care for moderately, as it is possible that we may come to dislike them in the future. Similarly, we should hate those we dislike moderately, as it is possible that we may come to like them in the future. This hadith teaches us the value of not being too extreme in our emotions and to avoid being consumed by them. It is important to maintain a moderate approach and to avoid being too attached to our loved ones or too consumed by our hatred for others. The nature of human relationships is complex, and our feelings towards others can change over time. Therefore, it is wise to maintain a balanced and measured approach towards our emotions and relationships with others.