Hadith on Family: Nurturing Ties and Giving to the Needy

📖Jami` at-Tirmidhi 658
Hafsah bint Sirin narrated from Ar-Rabab, from her uncle Salman bin Amir that he related that : the Prophet said: “When one of you breaks his fast, then let him do so with dried dates, for they are blessed. Whoever does not find dates, then water, for it is purifying.” And he said: “Charity given to the needy is (counted as) charity, and if it is given to relatives it is (counted as) two: charity and nurturing (the ties of kinship).”

From this hadith (narration), we can learn several lessons:

  1. It is recommended to break one’s fast with dried dates: The Prophet Muhammad advised the believers to break their fast with dried dates, as they are considered blessed. This shows the significance of dates in Islamic tradition and their benefits as a nutritious and easily digestible food.
  2. Water is a purifying substance: If dried dates are not available, the Prophet recommended breaking the fast with water. Water is considered pure and cleansing in Islamic teachings, and it can be consumed to end the fast.
  3. Giving charity is highly encouraged: The hadith highlights the importance of giving charity to those in need. It is considered a virtuous act and is rewarded by Allah. This emphasizes the spirit of generosity and compassion in Islam.
  4. Charity given to relatives has added benefits: The Prophet mentioned that giving charity to relatives holds double significance. It is counted as both charity and an act of nurturing the ties of kinship. This encourages Muslims to prioritize helping their relatives and strengthening family bonds through acts of charity.

Overall, this hadith emphasizes the value of acts of worship, such as breaking the fast with blessed foods, the purification of water, and the rewards of giving charity, particularly to relatives. It serves as a reminder of the virtues and principles that Muslims should uphold in their daily lives.