Hadith on Fasting: Vomiting during Fasting

📖Jami` at-Tirmidhi 720
Abu Hurairah narrated that : the Prophet said: “Whoever is overcome by vomiting, then he is not required to make up (the fast), and whoever vomits on purpose, then he must make it up.”

From this hadith, we can learn the following points:

  1. Vomiting during fasting: If a person is overcome by vomiting unintentionally while fasting, their fast remains valid, and they are not required to make up for the missed fast. This means that vomiting involuntarily does not invalidate the fast.
  2. Vomiting intentionally: If a person deliberately induces vomiting while fasting, their fast is considered invalidated, and they must make up for that day of fasting later. This implies that intentionally causing oneself to vomit breaks the fast, and it is necessary to compensate for the missed fast.

This hadith highlights the distinction between unintentional vomiting, which does not nullify the fast, and intentional vomiting, which does nullify the fast. It provides guidance on what actions invalidate the fast and the requirement to make up for the missed fast in specific circumstances.