Hadith on Hardships: Trials and Tribulations

📖Sahih Muslim 2967 c
Khalid b. Umair reported: I heard Uqba b. Ghazwan as saving: I found myself as the seventh amongst the seven who had been along with Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ). We had nothing to eat but the leaves of hubla (a wild tree) until the corners of our mouths were injured.

  • This hadith in Sahih Muslim 2967 is considered authentic and reliable. It reports the account of Uqba b. Ghazwan, one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), who along with six others, had nothing to eat but the leaves of the hubla tree during a military expedition. The hadith serves as a reminder of the hardships endured by the early Muslims and their unwavering faith and perseverance in the path of Allah.