Hadith on Innovatin: Danger of Innovations in Islam

📖Sahih al-Bukhari 6582
Narrated Anas: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Some of my companions will come to me at my Lake Fount, and after I recognize them, they will then be taken away from me, whereupon I will say, ‘My companions!’ Then it will be said, ‘You do not know what they innovated (new things) in the religion after you.”

  • This hadith from Sahih al-Bukhari is discussing the concept of innovation (Bid’ah) in the religion of Islam. According to the hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) foretold that some of his companions who had initially followed his teachings would deviate from the correct path of Islam after his death. When the Prophet sees them at his Lake Fount (a place in Paradise where Muslims believe they will drink from the hands of the Prophet), he will recognize them, but they will be taken away from him because of their deviation. The hadith highlights the seriousness of innovation in Islamic belief and practice, emphasizing the importance of following the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as they were revealed and practiced during his lifetime. It also serves as a warning to Muslims to avoid any practices or beliefs that are not supported by the Qur’an or the authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, as these innovations may lead one astray from the path of true Islam.