Hadith on Judgment Day: Allah’s Shade on the Day of Resurrection

📖Sahih Muslim 2566
Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: Verily. Allah would say on the Day of Resurrection: Where are those who have mutual love for My Glory’s sake? Today I shall shelter them in My shadow when there is no other shadow but the shadow of Mine.

  • This hadith highlights the importance of developing love and affection among believers for the sake of Allah. Such love and affection should be based on faith, sincerity, and good intentions, and it should be directed towards the pleasure of Allah. The reward for such love and affection will be immense, as Allah Himself will provide shade and protection to those who possess it. The hadith also emphasizes the idea of the Day of Resurrection, which is a fundamental concept in Islamic belief. It serves as a reminder to believers to live their lives with faith, good deeds, and sincere love for one another, with the hope of earning Allah’s mercy and protection in the hereafter.