Hadith on Judgment Day: The Seriousness of Bloodshed in Islam

📖Sahih Muslim 1678 a
‘Abdullah b. (Mas’ud) reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: The first (thing) that will be decided among people on the Day of Judgment will pertain to bloodshed.

  • This hadith means that on the Day of Judgment, one of the first issues that will be resolved among people is the matter of bloodshed. It emphasizes the seriousness of the sin of taking someone’s life without just cause and highlights the importance of respecting the sanctity of human life in Islam. The hadith also suggests that those who have been wronged by unjustified violence will be given the opportunity to seek justice in the hereafter. Overall, the hadith serves as a reminder of the gravity of violence and the need to avoid causing harm to others.