Hadith on Last Hour: Signs of Abundance and Transformation

📖Sahih Muslim 157 c
Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (way peace be upon him) as saying: The Last Hour will not come before wealth becomes abundant and overflowing, so much so that a man takes Zakat out of his property and cannot find anyone to accept it from him and till the land of Arabia reverts to meadows and rivers.

This hadith from Sahih Muslim is a narration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which speaks about two signs that will precede the Day of Judgment:

  1. Abundance of Wealth: The hadith mentions that there will be an abundance of wealth before the Last Hour. This means that people will have so much wealth that they will not know what to do with it. The economy will be booming, and people will be living in prosperity.
  2. The Land of Arabia Reverts to Meadows and Rivers: The hadith also mentions that the land of Arabia will revert to meadows and rivers. This means that the barren desert land of Arabia will turn into lush green meadows and rivers. This is a sign of great transformation and a miraculous event that will happen before the Day of Judgment.

Overall, the hadith is highlighting that the end of times will be characterized by a period of great prosperity and abundance, which will be followed by miraculous natural transformations. These signs are a reminder for people to prepare themselves for the Day of Judgment and to turn towards Allah in obedience and worship.