Hadith on Trust: Supplication, Surrender and Trust in Allah

📖Sahih Muslim 2717
Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) used to say: ” O Allah, it is unto Thee that I surrender myself. I affirm my faith in Thee and repose my trust in Thee and turn to Thee in repentance and with Thy help fought my adversaries. O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee with Thine Power; there is no god but Thou, lest Thou leadest me astray. Thou art ever-living that dieth not, while the Jinn and mankind die.”

From this hadith, we can derive several lessons:

  1. Surrender to Allah: The supplication begins with acknowledging complete submission and surrender to Allah. It teaches us the importance of recognizing that we are ultimately dependent on Him and that our success lies in surrendering to His will.
  2. Faith and Trust in Allah: The Prophet’s words affirm his unwavering faith and trust in Allah. It reminds us of the significance of having firm belief in Allah’s power, mercy, and guidance. We should place our trust in Him, knowing that He is the ultimate source of help and support.
  3. Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness: The supplication highlights the Prophet’s habit of seeking repentance from Allah and turning to Him in sincere remorse. It teaches us the importance of regularly seeking forgiveness for our sins and striving to improve ourselves through repentance.
  4. Seeking Refuge in Allah’s Power: The Prophet seeks refuge in Allah’s Power, acknowledging that Allah alone has the ultimate authority and control over all things. It reminds us to seek Allah’s protection from anything that may lead us astray or harm us, recognizing that only Allah can truly safeguard us.
  5. Recognizing the Eternal Nature of Allah: The supplication concludes by acknowledging the eternal nature of Allah. It highlights that Allah is ever-living and does not die, in contrast to the mortality of jinn and mankind. This serves as a reminder of Allah’s eternal existence and emphasizes His uniqueness and superiority.

Overall, this hadith teaches us the importance of surrendering to Allah, placing our faith and trust in Him, seeking His forgiveness, and seeking refuge in His power. It reminds us of our dependence on Allah and the need to constantly turn to Him for guidance, support, and protection.