Hindu Dharma and Population

1. Prayers for Multiple Off-springs

📚Rig Veda 10.85.45📚
O Bounteous Indra, make this bride blest in her sons and fortunate. Vouchsafe to her ten sons, and make her husband the eleventh man.”  (source)

📚Rig Veda 3.24.5📚
Grant, Agni, to the worshipper wealth rich in heroes, plenteous store, Make thou us rich with many sons.”  (source)

📚Sankhayana Grihya Sutra 1.19.6📚
Give birth to a male child; may after him (another) male be born; their mother shalt thou be, of the born, and (to others) mayst thou give birth…”  (source)

📚Chandogya Upanishad 1.5.4📚
Him I sang praises to, therefore art thou my only son,’ thus said Kaushîtaki to his son. ‘Do thou therefore sing praises to the breath as manifold, if thou wishest to have many sons.”  (source)

2. Instances of Gods Kings Having Multiple Progenies

2.1 King Sasabindu Begets Ten Thousand Lakhs of Children

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 9.23.32📚
The famous Śaśabindu had ten thousand wives, and by each he begot a lakh of sons. Therefore the number of his sons was ten thousand lakhs.”  (source)

2.2 Krishna Begets Tens of Millions of Children

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.61.19📚
My dear King, the sons and grandsons of Lord Krsna’s children numbered in the tens of millions. Sixteen thousand mothers gave rise to this dynasty.”  (source)

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.61.1📚
Sukadeva Gosvami said: Each of Lord Krishna’s wives gave birth to ten sons, who were not less than their father, having all His personal opulence.”  (source)

2.3 Saubhari Muni Begets 5000 Children

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 9.6.52📚
In the beginning I was alone and engaged in performing the austerities of mystic yoga, but later, because of the association of fish engaged in sex, I desired to marry. Then I became the husband of fifty wives, and in each of them I begot one hundred sons, and thus my family increased to five thousand members. By the influence of the modes of material nature, I became fallen and thought that I would be happy in material life. Thus there is no end to my material desires for enjoyment, in this life and the next.”  (source)

2.4 Daksh Begets 60 Daughters From a Single Women

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Brahma Khanda 9.8📚
With the semen of Daksa, sixty daughters were born from the womb of Prasûti. Out of these sixty daughters, he gave away in marriage, eight to Dharma, eleven to Rudra one name Sati to Siva, thirteen to Kasyapa and twenty seven to the moon.”  (source)

2.5 Sage Marici Begets 60,000 Children From his Four Wives

📚Brahma Purana 1.195-198📚
Upadānavī was the daughter of Hayaśiras, Śarmiṣṭhā was the daughter of Vṛṣaparvan, Puloman and Kālakā were the two daughters of Vaiśvānara. They were the wives of Marīci. They had great strength and they bore many children. They had sixty thousand sons who delighted Dānavas. Marīci who performed a very great penance, procreated another fourteen hundred sons who stayed in the city of Hiraṇyapura. The Dānavas named Paulomas (Sons of Pulomā) and Kālakeyas (Sons of Kālakā) were very terrible. Vipracitti’s sons were born of Siṃhikā. Due to the admixture of Daityas and Dānavas they became valorous and powerful.”  (source)

📚Brahmanda Purana 3.6.26📚
Vaiśvānara had two daughters viz. Pulomā and Kālikā. Nahuṣa was the son of Prabhā and Jayanta the son of Śacī. Śarmiṣṭhā gave birth to Pūru and Upadānavī to Duṣyanta. Vaiśvānara’s daughters were these two viz. Pulomā and Kālakā. Both these daughters had many children. They were the wives of Mārīca. Both of them had between them sixty thousand children. They were the leaders of the Dānavas.”  (source)