Is the Bible the Word of God?

Is the Bible the Word of God?

The Bible does not contain any explicit declaration that it is the direct word of God, nor does it explicitly deny being the word of the devil. Written by 40 diverse authors across different locations and in various languages, it remains a complex and intricate compilation. There are some verses in the Bible that suggest it is the inspired word of God, while at the same time, the Bible also denies it in many verses.


📖2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

Not All Scriptures Are God-Breathed

📖1 Corinthians 7:6
I say this as a concession, not as a command.

📖1 Corinthians 7:12 King James Version
But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

📖1 Corinthians 7:25
Now about virgins: I have no command from the Lord, but I give a judgment as one who by the Lord’s mercy is trustworthy.

📖2 Corinthians 11:17
In this self-confident boasting I am not talking as the Lord would, but as a fool.

  • Luke, Mark, John, and Matthew disagree with Paul’s assertion, as they never mentioned that all scriptures are God-breathed. Their writings do not contain any statements aligning with Paul’s claim.
Luke’s Explicit Denial and Disagreement with Paul

📖Luke 1:3
Having carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I also have decided to write an accurate account for you, most honorable Theophilus. Luke never said is God breathed, but he decided to write an account.

  • The verse from Luke 1:3 suggests that the Bible can be perceived as a historical account. Luke stresses that he thoroughly investigated the events from their inception, intending to deliver an accurate narrative to Theophilus. This emphasis underscores the historical nature of the account presented in the Bible, rather than positioning it as the inspired word of God.

Trinitarians don’t believe in Jesus 

Trinitarian do not believe 1 John 5:7, unitarian do not believe Mark 16:17-18, so who inspired them and who wrote those verses? it’s clear cut, unknown authors wrote the Bible, they edited, corrupted, twisted, concealed the truth and Philippians 1:18 exposes their lies, Paul allowed preaching people from false motives about Jesus In Matthew 24:14, Jesus had a book, “Gospel “, not the four Gospels, he said “this Gospel will be preached” he used singular, he didn’t say “these four Gospels”, “this” indicates an “object” he was pointing his Gospel, (the Gospel of Jesus), not the Gospel of Mark, John, Luke and Matthew. Revelation 1:1 tells us that Jesus received revelation from God, not from his disciples, Revelation 1:1 explains Matthew 24:14

Additional Information 

Accroding To Bible, All Scriptures Is not God Breathed, But What Unknown Men Said From Their Own Perspective, The four Gospels were written later after the false crucifixion around “AD” 40 to 50 years as Christian scholars claim, how can the four disciples remember to write down what happened around 40 to 50 years ago? It’s Impossible them to write down the four Gospels, in some occasions, they didn’t witness such as the false crucifixion, they all fled and deserted from Jesus (Mark 14:50), also during the false temptation, none of them were with Jesus, so who told them what has happened and the conversation Jesus and satan had? They have no evidence and witnesses from the four Gospels, therefore, the four Gospels’ authenticity is unreliable.