Killing and Murder by Hindu Gods in Vedas

Killing and Murder by Hindu Gods in Vedas

?Bhagavad Gita 11:34
Droṇa, Bhīṣma, Jayadratha, Karṇa and the other great warriors have already been destroyed by Me. Therefore, kill them and do not be disturbed. Simply fight, and you will vanquish your enemies in battle.

?Bhagavad Gita 2:38
Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat – and by so doing you shall never incur sin.

📖Yajurveda 3:1-4
Shot down the slope, with thy two tawny coursers, forth go thy bolt, destroying foes, O Indra! Slay those who fly, slay those who stand and follow. On every side fulfil these men’s intention.

  • That is, you have to kill in such a way that the enemy gets scared.

📖Yajurveda 3:19:7-8
Advance and be victorious, men I Exceeding mighty be your, arms! Those whose bows are weak, strike them with sharp arrows. kill the weak enemy with strong arms and weapons, Loosed from the bowstring fly away, thou Arrow, sharpened by our prayer, Assail the foemen, vanquish them, conquer each bravest man of theirs, and let not one of them escape.

  • In this mantra, it is being asked to attack the enemy with weak arrows with your sharp and sharp weapons & kill the weak enemies.

📖Yajurveda 10:1-20
Kill the children of the sorcerer. Within our house are swords of goodly iron. Krityā, we know, thy joints and all their places. Arise this instant and begone! What, stranger! art thou seek- ing here? O Krityā, I will cut thy throat and hew thy feet off. Run, be- gone! Indra and Agni, Guardian Lords of living creatures, shield us well!

  • Hindu god commanded to kill the sorcerers innocent children also he says keep swords made of iron ready for the enemies. It seems from this mantra that there was a fierce battle in the Vedic period. But the Vedas were incarnated only once, so did the Vedic god tell beforehand how were to behave with their predecessors? Is this god or war lord?

📖Yajurveda 8:1-4
Indra and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe! Send downward, O ye Bulls, those who add gloom to gloom. Annihilate the fools, slay them and burn them up: chase them away from us, pierce the voracious fiends. Let sin, Indra and Soma! round the wicked boil, like as a cald- ron set amid the flames of fire. Against the foe of prayer, eater of gory flesh, the fearful-eyed Kimidin, keep perpetual hate. Indra and Soma, plunge the wicked in the depth, yea, cast them into darkness that hath no support, So that not one of them may ever thence return: so may your wrathful might prevail and conquer them. Indra and Soma, hurl your deadly crushing bolt down on the wicked fiend from heaven and from the earth. Yea, fashion from the big clouds your celestial dart wherewith ye burn to death the waxing demon race. Indra and Soma, cast ye downward from the sky your deadly.

📖Mahabharata Vana Parva 3.116
And then Rama, the slayer of hostile heroes, came to the hermitage, last of all. Him the mighty-armed Jamadagni, of great austerities, addressed, saying, ‘Kill this wicked mother of thine, without compunction, O my son.’ Thereupon Rama immediately took up an axe and therewith severed his mother’s head.

  • Parashurama: Avatar of Vishnu killed his own mother because she is wicked

📖Atharva 2.19:1-5
Burn thou, O Agni, with that heat of thine against the man who hates us, whom we hate. Flame thou, O Agni, with that flame of thine against the man, who hates us, whom we hate. Shine out, O Agni, with that sheen of thine against the man who hates us, whom we hate. Blaze thou, O Agni, with that blaze of thine against the man who hates us, whom we hate, O Agni, with the splendour that is thine darken the man who hates us, whom we hate.

  • A prayer to Agni for aid against an enemy, Destroy THOSE WHO HATE ishwar AND WHOM ishwar HATES.

📖Atharva Veda 13.3.1
Lord is angry with the sinner who oppresses a brahmin who has attained this knowledge, Agitate him, O Rohita; destroy him: entangle in thy snares the Braman’s tyrant.

📖Atharva Veda 12.5.51-52
Rend, rend to pieces, rend away, destroy, destroy him utterly. Destroy Angirasi! the wretch who robs and wrongs the Brah- mans, born.

  • If you just oppress a Brahmin you are liable to be killed according to Vedas, but the Brahmin can kill you, deprive you of your property, there is no sin in this, but oppressing a Brahmin is a grave sin in Vedas

📖Atharva Veda 20.93.1
May our hymns give thee great delight. Display thy bounty, Thunderer. Drive off the enemies of prayer.

  • A prayer to ishwar to Destroy the enemies of Vedas

📖Rig Veda 7.97.9
This, Brahmanaspati, your praise is prayed to Indra the thunderbolt. Support our songs, wake up our thought and soul: destroy the godless and our enemy malice.

  • This verse is recited to destroy all those who are godless i.e. those who do not believe in the Vedas.

📖Atharva Veda 10.3.3
This charm, this Varana healeth all diseases, bright with a thou- sand eyes and golden glister. This charm shall conquer and cast down thy foemen. Be thou the first to slay the men who hate thee.

📖Rig Veda 3.53.21
Indra, hero,possessor of wealth, protect us this day against our foes with many and excellent defences; may the vile wretch who hates us fall (before us); may the breath of life depart from him whom we hate.

📖Atharva Veda 11.2.21
Covet not thou our kine or men, covet not thou our goats or sheep. Elsewhither, strong One! turn thine aim: destroy the mockers’ family.

  • Killing and Murder by Hindu Gods in Vedas Destroying the Blasphemer family wich means Killing women and Children

One who does not offer Sacrifice is inhuman

📖Rig Veda 8.70.11
May your friend, Parvata, hurl down from heaven him who follows other rites, the enemy of men, himwho offers no sacrifice and who worships not the gods; may Parvata hurl the Dasyu ( Disbelievers ) down to the storm smiter (death).

📖Rig Veda 7.97.9
This praise has been offered as prayer to you both, Brahmaṇaspati and Indra, the wielder of thethunderbolt; protect our ceremonies; hear our manifold praise; annihilate the assailing adversaries of yourworshippers.

📖Rig Veda 8.64.2
Crush with your foot the paṇis who offer no oblations; you are mighty; there is none else like unto you.

📖Rig Veda 8.76.11
Let heaven and earth follow you, Indra, as you smile, when you beat down the infidel.

📖Rig Veda 9.19.6
Bring near to us those who stand aloof, strike terror into our fores; pure-flowing one, you do transfer to us their riches.

📖Atharva Veda 11.2.23
The one who kills sacrificial blasphemers by establishing himself in the middle of the air, bow down to him with ten shakvari verses!


📖Rig Veda 1.103.6
We offer the Soma libation to him who is the performer of many exploits, the best (of the gods), the showerer (of benefits), the possessor of true strength, the hero who, holding respect for wealth, takes it from him who performs no sacrifice, like a foot-pad (from a traveller), and proceeds (to give it) to the sacrificer.

📖Atharva Veda 20.128:4
The most unprofitable churl, the wealthy men who brings no gift, These, verily, as we have heard, are cast away by all the wise. But they who have adored the Gods, and they who have best-owed their gifts.

📖Atharva Veda 20.93.2
“Crush with thy foot the niggard churls who bring no gifts. Might art thou: There is not one to equal thee.

There are many other verses related to Jihad in the Bhagavad Gita. And other Hindu scriptures explicitly mentioned fighting against the Disbelievers who do not believe in the 

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