Obscene Practises In Hindu Dharma

1. Masturbation

📚Mahabharata 3.224.7📚
Markandeya continued, ‘Then Agni, filled with great joy and delight, married Svaha in the guise of Siva, and that lady joyfully cohabiting with him, held the semen virile in her hands.”  (source)

📚Padma Purana 5.112.23a-33a📚
On the death of the husband before (her death) she should not enter fire (with the thought:) ‘In my widowhood, all this wealth will be useful for my religious merit.’ Resolving like this with (i.e. in) her mind, when widowhood has come, she, when she gets an itching of the vulva (i.e. has a desire for sex) by day or at night, she said (i.e. would say), after having gone to a lonely place and after having uncovered (i.e. taken off) her garment, to her vulva these words, through grief, and with her hand on her generative organ: “O vulva, what have you done? What sin have you committed? Or is it the sin of the penis due to having got into you? Or is it the sin of the doer due to avoiding service like me?” Even then when the itch is produced, she would put her finger (into her vulva); and due to the feeling of the itch she would do strange movements after that. Having rubbed it with her hands, having strack it and having expanded it, she, being extremely pained, repeatedly shook her feet. She, after having embraced the (piece of) wood of the cot, and pressed her breasts (against it) as she liked, became sad due to a peculiar disposition of her mind.”  (source)

📚Kama Sutra 5.6.5📚
When men have no women to sleep with, they satisfy themselves with other kinds of vulvas, or with dolls, or else masturbate.” ”When a man does not find any woman to his taste, how does he satisfy himself? With men, or with the vaginas of other species, mares, she-goats, bitches, sheep, any animal of female gender, as he would, Otherwise, he manages by simply “seizing the lion” (simhakranta). meaning masturbation. In this connection, it is said: In an upright position, seizing the lion means grasping one’s sex with one’s hand and thus scattering one’s orgasm. Since spilling one’s seed anywhere is a serious offense, a purification rite should then be performed.”  (source)

2. Oral Sex

📚Brahma Purana 4.42-43📚
The lord assumed the form of a horse and approached her as she grazed about fearlessly in the form of a mare. It was in her mouth that he had his sexual intercourse, as she began fidgeting due to her suspicion that he might be a person other than her own husband. She let out the semen of Vivasvat through her nostrils.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 5.35.32-34📚
He a assumed the form of a horse and approached her for sexual indulgence with her who could not be overwhelmed by any living being due to her lustre and observance of restraint. O sage, in the course of the sexual activity she suspected him to be another man. Hence she received the semen through the mouth into the nostril. Thence were born the twin gods Asvins, the foremost among physicians.””  (source)

📚Kama Sutra 2.9.18📚
External pinching [bahibsandasha]. Bringing his lips close to the erect penis, he presses the mast and kisses it while sucking. This is what is known as external pinching [bahihsandamsha].” ”When the sex has been stimulated by being nibbled along the sides, he himself, excited at the first contact with his lips, lets the end of the penis penetrate into his mouth, pressing it and sucking and, having bared it, he releases it. This is called the external seizure.”  (source)

3. Sex Positions

📚Kama Sutra 2.8.34📚
The bee [bhramaraka]. Once the instrument is in place, moving it in a circular fashion is known as the bee, and requires practice.” ”The phallus is driven into the vagina. Lifting her body with the hands, her legs folded, make her turn on the instrument as on the axis of a potter’s wheel. This requires practice.”  (source)

📚Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4.9-10📚
If a man desires his wife with the thought: “May she enjoy love with me.” Then, after inserting the member in her. joining mouth to mouth and stroking her organ, he should utter the following mantra “O semen, you have been produced from my every limb…Bring this women under my control, like a deer pierced by a poisoned arrow.” Now, the wife whome he desires with the thought: “May she not conceive” after inserting the member in her and joining mouth to mouth, she should inhale and exhale, repeating the following mantra: “with power, with semen, I reclaim the semen from you.” Thus she comes to be without semen.”  (source)

📚Padma Purana 1.53.98-109📚
O messenger, the organs of generation of the male and also of the female throb. Then the male and the female, being inflamed with passion, unite. The body (of the male) is rubbed with the body (of the female). Due to coitus a momentary pleasure is produced.”  (source)

4. Group Sex

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.65.17-18📚
Lord Balarama, the Personality of Godhead, resided there for the two months of Madhu and Mādhava, and during the nights He gave His cowherd girlfriends conjugal pleasure. In the company of numerous women, Lord Balarama enjoyed in a garden by the Yamunā River. This garden was bathed in the rays of the full moon and caressed by breezes bearing the fragrance of night-blooming lotuses.”  (source)

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 4.6.25📚
My dear Kṣattā, Vidura, the celestial damsels come down to those rivers in their airplanes with their husbands, and after sexual enjoyment, they enter the water and enjoy sprinkling their husbands with water.

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.23.47📚
The powerful Kardama Muni was the knower of everyone’s heart, and he could grant whatever one desired. Knowing the spiritual soul, he regarded her as half of his body. Dividing himself into nine forms, he impregnated Devahuti with nine discharges of semen.”  (source)

5. Some more disgusting practises

If you happen to drop your semen on the ground, you should pick it up with your fingers and rub it on your eyebrows and chest,

📚Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 6.4.4-5📚
Many mortals, brahmins only in name, perform the sexual act without knowledge of what has been said and depart from this world impotent and without merit.” Even if this much semen of one asleep or of one awake is spilled, He should touch it and repeat the following mantra: “Whatever semen of mine has split on earth, whatever flowed to plants, whatever to water, I reclaim it.” With these words he should take the semen with his ring finger and thumb and rub it between his breasts or eyebrows, repeating the following mantra: “Let the semen return to me, let Vigour come to me again, let glow and good fortune come to me again. May the deities who dwell in the sacrificial fire put the semen back in its proper place.”  (source)