Role of Sun in the Water Cycle – Miracle of Quran

Role of Sun in the Water Cycle

The sun plays a central role in the water cycle, as it drives the evaporation of water from the surface of the earth, which then rises into the atmosphere and forms clouds. These clouds can then move over land, releasing their moisture in the form of rain or snow.

  • In the Quran, the sun is mentioned in several verses in relation to its role in the water cycle and the natural world. For example:

📖Quran 35:9
And God is He Who sends the winds, and they raise a cloud, then We lead it to a dead land and revive the earth with it after its death. Thus is the resurrection

  • This verse highlights the role of the wind and the sun in the formation of clouds, which can bring life-giving water to parched lands.

📖Quran 78:13-14
And made [therein] a burning lamp (the sun). And sent down, from the rain clouds, pouring water

In the Quran the sun, clouds and rain are mentioned together. Skeptics claim that whoever wrote the Quran made a mistake; the sun has nothing to do with rain. Today meterologists confirm that the sun plays a major role in the water cycle.

Reference : The sun plays a central role in the water cycle