The Burning Sea Miracle of Quran

📖Quran 81:6
and when the seas are set on fire, (On the Day of Judgment the oceans and seas will be on fire. ). 

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  • The fire maps show the locations of actively burning fires around the world on a monthly basis, based on observations from the MODIS sensors on NASA’s Terra satellite. The colors are based on a count of the number (not size) of fires observed within a 1,000-square-kilometer area. White pixels show the high end of the count — as many as 30 fires in a 1,000-square-kilometer area per day. Orange pixels show as many as 10 fires, while red areas show as few as 1 fire per day.
  • These sea surface temperature maps are based on observations by the MODIS sensors on NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites. The satellites measure the temperature of the top millimeter of the ocean surface. In this map, the coolest waters appear in blue (approximately -2 degrees Celsius), and the warmest temperatures appear in pink-yellow (35 degrees Celsius). Landmasses and the large area of sea ice around Antarctica appear in shades of gray, indicating no data were collected.