Drink cow urine in Hinduism – Agni Purana

📖Agni Puran 292:10-11
One should drink hot urine, hot ghee, and hot milk, each one for three days and consume air only for the next three days. This vow known as taptakṛcchra would destroy all sins and confer the world of Brahmā. It is known as śītakṛcchra if done with cold things (as above). It was described by Brahmā. It would yield the world of Brahmā.

📖Agni Puran Chapter 196:8-20
One should worship lord Hari in the (asterism) mrgaśira [mrgaśira?] in (the month of) mārgasīrsa [mārgaśīrsa?] drinking cow’s urine.

  1. Reference – Agni Puran 292:10-11
  2. Reference – Agni Puran Chapter 196:8-20