Hadith on Behavior: The Most Despicable Person in the Eyes of Allah

📖Sahih Muslim 2668
‘A’isha reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: The most despicable amongst persons in the eye of Allah is one who tries to fall into dispute with others (for nothing but only to display his knowledge and power of argumentation).

  • This hadith emphasizes the importance of avoiding unnecessary arguments and disputes. It states that the person who tries to argue with others solely to show off their knowledge or to prove their point, without any genuine intention of seeking the truth or resolving the issue, is considered despicable in the sight of Allah. In Islam, seeking knowledge and using it to benefit oneself and others is highly encouraged. However, when knowledge is used to fuel one’s ego or to belittle others, it goes against the very essence of Islamic teachings. Therefore, this hadith teaches Muslims to use their knowledge and wisdom in a humble and respectful manner, avoiding arguments and disputes that are rooted in arrogance or self-righteousness.