Hadith on Brotherhood: Importance of Unity in Islam

📖Sahih al-Bukhari 481
Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A faithful believer to a faithful believer is like the bricks of a wall, enforcing each other.” While (saying that) the Prophet (ﷺ) clasped his hands, by interlacing his fingers.

  • This hadith (narration) from Sahih al-Bukhari highlights the importance of brotherhood and unity among believers in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) compares the relationship between two faithful believers to the bricks of a wall, which support and reinforce each other. The gesture of interlacing his fingers represents the strong bond that should exist between believers. It shows that each believer should support and strengthen their fellow believer, just as each brick in a wall supports and strengthens the ones around it.

This hadith emphasizes the importance of unity, cooperation, and mutual support among believers in Islam. It encourages Muslims to build strong relationships with one another, and to work together to achieve common goals.