Hadith on Love: The Significance of Marriage and Love in Islam

📖Sunan Ibn Majah 1847
It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that: the Messenger of Allah said: “There is nothing like marriage, for two who love one another.”

  • This hadith highlights the significance and uniqueness of marriage as a bond between two individuals who genuinely love each other. It emphasizes the importance of love and affection as the foundation of a successful marital relationship. The statement implies that marriage surpasses any other form of relationship or companionship when it comes to the depth and strength of the emotional connection between spouses. In Islamic teachings, marriage is highly regarded as a sacred institution that brings together two individuals in a loving and lawful union. It provides a framework for companionship, mutual support, and the establishment of a family unit. The hadith suggests that the love shared between husband and wife within the context of marriage is unmatched by any other type of relationship. This saying of the Prophet Muhammad serves as a reminder of the beauty and significance of marriage, emphasizing the importance of love, trust, and affection in nurturing a strong and fulfilling marital bond.