Hadith on Patience: Mercy and Making Things Easy in Islam

📖Jami` at-Tirmidhi 147
Abu Hurairah narrated: “A Bedouin entered the Masjid while the Prophet was sitting. He prayed, then when he was finished, he said: ‘O Allah! Have mercy upon me and Muhammad, and do not have mercy on anyone along with us.’ The Prophet turned, towards him and said: ‘You have restricted something that is unrestricted.’ It was not long before he was urinating in the Masjid. So the people rushed to him. But Prophet said: ‘Pour a bucket of water over it – or – a tumbler of water over it.’ Then he said: ‘You have been sent to make things easy (for the people); you have not been sent to make things difficult for them.’”

  • This hadith highlights the Prophet’s patience and mercy towards the Bedouin who made a mistake by urinating in the Masjid. Instead of scolding or punishing the Bedouin, the Prophet instructed the people to pour water over the urine and showed him kindness and forgiveness. This demonstrates the importance of showing compassion and forgiveness towards others, even in the face of mistakes or misdeeds. The Prophet’s approach teaches us to prioritize mercy and understanding, rather than judgment and punishment.