Hadith on Trials: Similitude of a Believer and a Hypocrite

📖Sahih Muslim 2809 a
Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: The Similitude of a believer is that of (a standing) crop which the air continues to toss from one side to another; in the same way a believer always (receives the strokes) of misfortune. The similitude of a hypocrite is that of a cypress tree which does not move until it is uprooted.

  • This hadith from Sahih Muslim compares the life of a believer and a hypocrite using two different similes. According to the hadith, a believer is like a crop that sways back and forth in the wind, indicating that a believer may face hardships and trials in life but remains resilient and steadfast in faith. On the other hand, a hypocrite is compared to a cypress tree that appears to be strong and unmovable but is easily uprooted, implying that hypocrites may seem strong outwardly but have weak faith and will ultimately be exposed and defeated. The hadith serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining sincere faith and perseverance in the face of challenges, and avoiding hypocrisy and false appearances.