Lust of Hindu Gods – Pornography in Hinduism

Lust of Hindu Gods – Pornography in Hinduism

📖Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3:12-30
O father, this performance in which you are endeavoring to complicate yourself was never attempted by any other Brahmā, nor by anyone else, nor by you in previous kalpas, nor will anyone dare to attempt it in the future. You are the supreme being in the universe, so how is it that you want to have sex with your daughter and cannot control your desire?

Brahma had sexual desires Towards his daughter sarswati 

📖Shiv Puran Section 2.1 – Rudra-samhita (1): Srsti-khanda Chapter 19 Verses 26-30
I looked at the face of Satī many a time. I was helpless in curbing the onset of a sensuous organism, Four drops of my semen virile got displaced and fell on the ground like drops of dew as a result of staring into her face.

Brahma the supreme god of sanatani had sexual desires Towards Sati and Discharged 4 Drops of semen ? on the ground.

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  2. Reference Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3:12-28
  3. Reference Shiv Puran Section 2.1 – Rudra-samhita (1): Srsti-khanda Chapter 19 Verses 26-30

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📖Srimad bhagavatam 8:12:32-33
Just as a maddened bull elephant follows a female elephant who is able to conceive pregnancy, Lord Śiva followed the beautiful woman and discharged semen, even though his discharge of semen never goes in vain, O King, wheresoever on the surface of the globe fell the semen of the great personality of Lord Śiva, mines of gold and silver later appeared.

Shiva follows a beautiful woman because she is exceptionally attractive and alluring, resulting in the semen being released from Shiva’s penis onto the ground.

Reference Srimad bhagavatam 8:12:32-33

📖Shiv Purana 4:12-6-13
There is an excellent forest Dāruvana. There were many excellent sages there, great devotees of Śiva who were always engrossed in meditation on Siva, O great sages, they performed the worship of Śiva incessantly thrice a day. They eulogised Śiva with different devotional hymns, Once the leading brahmin devotees of Śiva engrossed in the meditation of Śiva went into the forest for bringing sacrificial twigs. In the meantime Śiva himself assuming a very hideous form came there in order to test their devotion. He was very brilliant but stark naked. He had smeared ashes all over his body as the sole ornament. Standing there and holding his penis he began to show all sorts of vicious tricks, It was with a mind to do something pleasing to the forest-dwellers that Śiva, favourite of the devotees, came to the forest at his will, The wives of the sages were extremely frightened at this sight. The other women excited and surprised approached the lord, Some embraced him. Others held his hands. The women were engrossed in struggling with one another.

Reference: Shiv Purana 4:12-6-13

  • Shiva Stood and Hold his Penis and Began to Show all sorts of vicious tricks.

📖Shiv Puran Section 4 chapter 12
Siva said:— O gods, O sages, you listen to my words with reverence. If my penis is supported in a vaginal passage there will be happiness, Except Parvati, no other woman can hold my penis. Held by her my penis will immediately become quiet.

Reference Shiv Puran Section 4 chapter 12

📖Srimad Bhāgavatam 10.27 Texts 45-46
Sri Krsna went with the gopīs to the bank of the Yamunā, where the sand was cooling and the wind, enlivened by the river’s waves, bore the fragrance of lotuses. There Krsna threw His arms around the gopis and embraced them. He aroused Cupid in the beautiful young ladies of Vraja by touching their hands, hair, thighs, belts and breasts, by playfully scratching them with His fingernails, and also by joking with them, glancing at them and laughing with them. In this way the Lord enjoyed His pastimes.

📖Srimad Bhagavatam 3.3.21
The Lord Krishna enjoyed His pastimes, both in this world and in other worlds [higher planets], specifically in the association of the Yadu dynasty. At leisure hours offered by night, He enjoyed the friendship of conjugal love with women.

📖Skanda Purana Section 3 – Badarikasrama-mahatmya Chapter 4 Verse 17: With the tip of his nail with which he had pierced the neck of hyena, he pinched the breasts of the cowherd lasses. He has been sportingly given many forms by young women. Let this Śeṣa (?) be for (i.e. bring about) calmness and peace.

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📖Srimad Bhagavatam 9.20.36
When the demigod named Bṛhaspati was attracted by his brother’s wife, Mamatā, who at that time was pregnant, he desired to have sexual relations with her. The son within her womb forbid this, but Bṛhaspati cursed him and forcibly discharged semen into the womb of Mamata.

  • In Srimad Bhagavatam 9.20.36, it is described that the demigod named Bṛhaspati was attracted to his brother’s wife, Mamatā, who was pregnant at the time. He desired to engage in sexual relations with her, but the child in her womb opposed this action. Despite the child’s objection, Bṛhaspati cursed him and forcefully released semen into Mamata’s womb.

Reference: Srimad Bhagavatam 9.20.36

📖Srimad Bhagavatam 9.24.34-35
The sun-god said: O beautiful Pṛthā, your meeting with the demigods cannot be fruitless. Therefore, let me place my seed in your womb so that you may bear a son. I shall arrange to keep your virginity intact, since you are still an unmarried girl, After saying this, the sun-god discharged his semen into the womb of Pṛthā and then returned to the celestial kingdom. Immediately thereafter, from Kuntī a child was born, who was like a second sun-god.

Reference: Srimad Bhagavatam 9.24.34-35

📖Shiva Purana Section 5 – Uma-Samhita Chapter 4 – Verses 17-22: O great sage, Visnu was deluded by Kaama by the power of Siva’s Maya. He outraged the modesty of other men’s wives many times. Indra, the lord of the gods, became fascinated by Gautama’s wife. That vicious one committed sin and so was cursed by the sage. Even the firegod, the most excellent in the universe was deluded by Siva’s Maya. Due to his pride he became subservient to lust and was ultimately saved by Siva. The wind-god, the vital air of the universe was deluded by Siva’s Māyā due to his arrogance. Overwhelmed by Kama, Vyasa too, had sexual intercourse with other men’s wives. The sun of fierce rays, deluded by Siva’s Maya became lustful on seeing a mare and assumed the form of a horse. The moon deluded by Siva’s Maya became lustful and abducted the wife of Brhaspati and had his sexual union with her. But he was finally saved by Brhaspati himself.

Reference: Shiva Purana Section 5 – Uma-Samhita Chapter 4 – Verses 17-22

📖Shiv Purana Section 2.2 – Rudra-samhita (2): Sati-khanda Chapter Verses 43-46:
Lord Siva said:— O patriarch Dakaa what has just been requested by Visnu my great devotee and agreed to by me shall be done here, O lord, whoever stares at Sati lustfully shall be killed by you.” I shall make these words of Visnu true by killing Brahma, Why did Brahma stare at Sati lustfully? Moreover he has committed a sin by discharging his semen. Hence I shall kill him, When the lord of Devas spoke thus furiously, all the people including Devas, sages and human beings trembled.

  • In these verses, Lord Śiva responds to Viṣṇu’s request and agrees to a certain action. He states that anyone who stares at Satī with lust will be killed by him. Lord Śiva expresses his intention to make Viṣṇu’s words come true by killing Brahmā, who apparently stared at Satī lustfully and discharged his semen. Lord Śiva questions Brahmā’s actions, deeming them sinful, and decides to take action by eliminating him. The intensity of Lord Śiva’s words causes fear among various beings including Devas, sages, and humans.

Reference: Shiv Purana Section 2.2 – Rudra-samhita (2): Sati-khanda Chapter Verses 43-46

📖Shiv Purana : Section 2.2 – Rudra-samhita (2): Sati-khanda Chapter 21 The Dalliance of Satī and Śiva Verses 19-23: Sometimes siva would become invisible through His Maya and suddenly embrace her when she would become terrified and agitated, Sometimes with musk He would make marks like bees on her breasts that resembled the buds of a golden lotus. Sometimes he would take the necklace off her breasts and press them with his hands, Sometimes he would remove the bracelets, bangles, rings from their places and fix them again one by one. Even as she was looking on, sometimes he would come to her lofty breasts saying with laughter, this dark spot “Kālikā” (Devi) on your breasts is your companion of the same colour as it contains the same letters as are found in your name “Kālikā”. (Devi).

  • In the mentioned verses, Shiva is seen playing with his wife Sati’s Breasts.

Reference: Shiv Purana : Section 2.2 – Rudra-samhita (2): Sati-khanda Chapter 21 The Dalliance of Satī and Śiva Verses 19-23

📖Devi Bhagavatam 2.6.13-35
Surya Deva said :– “O Kunti! What for you called me, by virtue of the Mantra? Calling me, why do you not worship me, standing before you? O beautiful blue one! Seeing you, I have become passionate; so come to me. By means of the mantra, you have made me your subservient so take me for intercourse.” Hearing this, Kunti said:– “O Witness of all! O knower of Dharma! You know that I am a virgin girl. O Suvrata! I bow down to you; I am a family daughter; so do not speak ill to me.” Surya then said :– “If I go away in vain, I will be an object of great shame, and, no doubt, will be laughed amongst the gods; So, O Kunti! If you do not satisfy me, I will immediately curse you and the Brahmin who has given you this mantra. O Beautiful one! If you satisfy me, your virginity will remain; no body will come to know and there will be born a son to you, exactly like me.” Thus saying Surya Deva enjoyed the bashful Kunti, with her mind attracted towards him; He granted her the desired boons and went away. The beautiful Kunti became pregnant and began to remain in a house, under great secrecy. Only the dear nurse knew that; her mother or any other person was quite unaware of the fact. In time, a very beautiful son like the second Sun and Kartikeya, decked with a lovely Kavacha coat of mail and two ear-rings, was born there.

  • Surya is the Sun-God and several hymns of Vedas are dedicated to him. He raped the virgin Kunti. Kunti was just examining her mystic power and the sun god appeared before her and was smitten with passion after seeing young and beautiful Kunti and then raped her..A similar version of the story is also recounted in Srimad Bhagavatam 9.24.33-36, albeit with some variations

Reference: Devi Bhagavatam 2.6.13-35

Reference: Srimad Bhagavatam 9.24.33-36