Lust Of Vishnu In Hinduism

1. Vishnu – The sex addict

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 9.14.4-23📚
Gaṅgā Devī was very much overpowered with enjoyment in her first intercourse with Nārāyaṇa; so much so that she remained motionless.”  (source)

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 6.28.1-11📚
Thus the Bhagavān Nārāyaṇa was playing in amorous movements with the daughter of the ocean, fully capable to give one delight and enjoyment. Seeing me, the lovely Devī Kamalā, dear to Vāsudeva, full of youth and beauty, decorated with ornaments, endowed with all auspicious signs, superior to all the women, went away at once (to another room) from the presence of Janārdana. The breast of Lakṣmī Devī was becoming visible even through the cloth thrown over it; therefore she went hurriedly to the inner compartment.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 3.22.45-47📚
In the meantime Viṣṇu saw those damsels born of nectar sprays who were haughty due to their divine beauty and whose faces resembled the full moon. Fascinated by the Cupid’s arrows Viṣṇu attained highest pleasure only there. He began to indulge in sexual dalliance with those women of exquisite beauty. Viṣṇu begot of them sons of great exploits and valour, experts in various kinds of warfare, shaking the entire earth.”  (source)

2. Vishnu became lusty after seeing Padmavati (Daughter of King Akasa)

📚Skanda Purana📚
The girls replied to him: “Nothing was seen by us. Why have you come to our park wielding an excellent bow. O leader of hunters, none of the animals living here should be killed. Go away quickly from this park which is in the protective jurisdiction of King Âkasa.” On hearing the words of those maidens he got down from the horse. “Who are you all? Who is this lotus-like maiden? She has excellent magnificence. All her limbs are fascinating. Her breasts are plump and protruding. Tell me. After hearing the same I shall go back to my abode in the mountain.” On hearing these words of his the friend and attendant of Padmavati urged by the daughter of Dharani said to the hunter, a resident of the mountain: “This is the daughter of King Akasa. She was born out of the bowels of the earth. O hero, she is our leader and her name is Padmini. Tell us, O youth of handsome features, what is your name? Whose son are you? What is your caste? Where is your residence? Why have you come here?” On being asked thus he replied to them with a smile on his lotus-like face: “Those conversant with ancient traditions say that our family is that of the Sun. Our names are innumerable. They sanctify learned men. By colour and name the ascetics say that I am Krsna. My discus instills fear in the minds of the enemies of Suras and those who hate Brahmanas. On hearing the sound of my conch enemies become confounded. Even among the immortal beings there is no bow equal to mine. They call me the lord of heroes, residing in Venkatadri. It was from the ridge of that mountain that I surrounded (i.e. accompanied) by my Nisada followers have come for hunting, riding on a horse, to your park. A certain animal moving rapidly like the wind has been pursued by me. It went away somewhere. Unable to see it I have now seen this maiden of exalted magnificence. I have come here with love. Can this maiden be obtained by me?” On hearing these words of Krsna they became infuriated and said: “If King Akasa sees you, he will bind you with fetters and take you away. Before this happens go quickly to your own abode.” Threatened by them thus, he mounted the swift horse. Accompanied by all his followers, he went back to the mountain quickly.”  (source)

3. Vishnu exchanged his wives with Brahma and Shiva

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 9.6.45-46📚
Now go in full Amsas to Brahmā and become His wife. Let Gaṅgā go also in Her fullness to Śiva. Let Padmā remain with Me. Padmā is of a peaceful nature, void of anger, devoted to Me and of a Sāttvika nature.”  (source)

4. Vishnu had 3 wives

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Prakriti Khanda 6.17📚
Lord Visnu had three spouses named Ganga, Sarasvati and Laksmi who always resided with him with love and affection.”  (source)

5. Vishnu raped Vrinda (Tulasi)

📚Skanda Purana📚
I am your beloved and innocent wife. Why don’t you speak to me now? You were the conqueror of the three worlds. Devas and Gandharvas along with Viṣṇu have been defeated by you. How did it happen that you have now been killed by a mere ascetic? After lamenting thus, Vṛndā spoke these words to the sage: O excellent sage, O storehouse of mercy, resuscitate this my lover and lord. You alone are capable of bringing him back to life, O sage, I believe. On hearing these words of hers, the sage said with a smile: He has been killed in battle by Rudra. He cannot be made alive once again. Still, out of sympathy for you, I shall make him alive. After saying this, the Brāhmaṇa vanished. By that time, the son of the Ocean embraced Vṛndā and kissed her face with great mental pleasure and satisfaction. Vṛndā too was extremely delighted in her mind on seeing her husband once again. Staying within the forest in his company for many days, she sported about. Once at the conclusion of the sexual intercourse, she saw him in the form of Viṣṇu. Rebuking him angrily Vṛndā spoke these words: Fie upon your conduct, O Hari, you commit adultery! I know now well that you are a fake ascetic. The two, your own gatekeepers, who were shown to me by you by means of Māyā will be born as Rākṣasas. They will abduct your wife. You will wander in forest, miserable due to the separation from your wife. Do wander along with this Lord of serpents, who has now been your disciple. After saying this, Vṛndā entered fire, though Viṣṇu whose mind was attached to her, tried to prevent her.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana📚
On seeing her husband, Vṛndā too was delighted. She forgot her sorrow. She considered everything a dream. Delighted in the heart and with all the dormant passions kindled up, she sported with him for many days in the middle of that forest. Once at the end of the sexual intercourse she realised that it was Viṣṇu. Vṛndā rebuked him angrily and spoke thus. Fie on this misdeed of Viṣṇu in outraging the modesty of another man’s wife. I have now realised you as the wielder of illusion, appearing in the guise of an ascetic. O Vyāsa, saying thus in great anger she showed her brilliant powers as a staunch chaste lady by cursing Viṣṇu. “O base foe of the Daityas, defiler of other people’s virtue, O wicked one, take this curse from me, greater in force than all persons. The two persons whom you made to appear in front of me shall become Rākṣasas and abduct your wife. You will be distressed on account of separation from your wife roaming about with Śeṣa ‘lord of snakes’ who posed as your disciple here. You will seek the help of monkeys in the forest.”  (source)

📚Devi Bhagavatam Purana 9.24.14-22📚
O Dear! Full one Samvatsara the war lasted betwixt us. All the Daityas were killed. Then Brahmā Himself came and mediated. Peace, then, was brought about and by the command of Brahmā, I gave over to the Devas their rights. When I returned to my home, Śiva went back to His Śivaloka. Thus saying, Hari, the Lord of the world, slept and then engaged in sexual intercourse with her. But the chaste Tulasī, finding this time her experience quite different from what She used to enjoy before, argued all the time within herself and at last questioned him :– Who are you? O Magician! By spreading your magic, you have enjoyed me. As you have taken my chastity, I will curse you. Bhagavān Nārāyaṇa, hearing Tulasī’s words and being afraid of the curse, assumed His real beautiful figure. The Devī then saw the Eternal Lord of the Devas before her. He was of a deep blue colour like fresh rain-clouds and with eyes like autumnal lotuses and with playful Līlās equivalent to tens and tens of millions of Love personified and adorned with jewels and ornaments. His face was smiling and gracious; and he wore his yellow-coloured robe. The love-stricken Tulasī, seeing That Lovely Form of Vāsudeva, immediately fell senseless; and at the next moment, regaining consciousness, she began to speak.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana📚
Vyasa said:- ”How did the lord Nārāyaṇa manage to deposit his semen in the vaginal passage of Tulasī? Please narrate the same…It was in the guise of Śaṅkhacūḍa that he indulged in sexual dalliance with his wife…Very near the entrance to Tulasī’s palace he caused the drum Dundubhi to be beaten and cries of victory to be raised. He thus made the beautiful woman wake up. On hearing it that chaste lady was highly delighted. Eagerly she peeped through the window into the high way. Knowing that her husband had returned she observed all auspicious rites and offered monetary gifts to the brahmins. She then beautified herself. After decending from the chariot, Viṣṇu who assumed the guise of Śaṅkhacūḍa by deceptive art for the sake of carrying out the task of the gods went to the apartment of the queen…My dear wife, we fought continuously for a year. O lovely woman, all the Asuras were destroyed. Brahmā made us come to a peace. At the bidding of Brahmā the powers of authority were re-assigned to the gods. I have returned home…Then out of joy Viṣṇu indulged in sexual intercourse. That lady began to suspect on observing a change in her happiness, endearment and attraction and asked him “who are you? Who are you? Tell me quickly. I have been enjoyed by you deceptively. My modesty has been outraged. Hence I am going to curse you.” On hearing the words of Tulasī, Viṣṇu became afraid of the curse. O Brahmin, sportively he re-assumed his own real beautiful form. On seeing the characteristic signs she guessed that it was Viṣṇu. Infuriated by the violation of her chastity she said. “O Viṣṇu, you are ruthless. Your mind is likea rock. Since my chastity has been outraged my husband is doomed. O wicked one, being ruthless you are like a rock. Hence due to my curse you will become a rock. Those who call you ocean of mercy are erring. There is no doubt. How was a devotee killed for another man’s sake, even without any offence?” After saying this, the chaste beloved of Śaṅkhacūḍa, Tulasī lamented again and again in the excess of her grief. On seeing her crying, Viṣṇu remembered lord Śaṅkara, Parameśvara, by whom the universe is deluded. Then Śaṅkara, favourably disposed to his devotees appeared in front of them. He was bowed to and eulogised humbly by Viṣṇu. On seeing Viṣṇu distressed and the beloved lady lamenting, Śiva kind to the poor tactfully enlightened both of them.”  (source)

6. Vishnu raped multiple other women

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.17📚
O great sage, Viṣṇu was deluded by Kāma by the power of Śiva’s Māyā. He outraged the modesty of other men’s wives many times.”  (source)