Hadith on Faith: Lessons from Abraham and Muhammad

📖Riyad as-Salihin 76
Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: When (Prophet) Ibrahim (Abraham) was thrown into the fire, he said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and, He is the Best Disposer of affairs.” So did Messenger of Allah Muhammad (ﷺ) when he was told: “A great army of the pagans had gathered against him, so fear them”. But this (warning) only increased him and the Muslims in Faith and they said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)”

  • The key lesson that Muslims can learn from this hadith is the importance of unwavering trust and reliance on Allah in times of difficulty and adversity. Both Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Muhammad demonstrated complete faith in Allah’s power and ability to protect and assist them. Despite the overwhelming odds and potential harm they faced, they did not falter or lose hope. Instead, they firmly believed that Allah alone was sufficient to handle their affairs and that He was the best guardian and protector. This hadith teaches Muslims to cultivate trust in Allah and seek His assistance in all aspects of life. It encourages believers to develop a strong belief that Allah is the ultimate authority who controls all affairs, and that He has the power to overcome any challenge or obstacle. This trust should be coupled with proactive efforts and taking necessary measures, as exemplified by the actions of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions during times of difficulty. Furthermore, this hadith also highlights the concept of tawakkul, which means relying on Allah while also taking appropriate means and actions. It teaches Muslims that relying solely on Allah does not imply passivity or inaction. Instead, it is about placing one’s trust in Allah’s guidance and relying on His help while simultaneously making efforts and utilizing the means available.

Overall, this hadith emphasizes the importance of firm faith, trust, and reliance on Allah during times of hardship. It encourages Muslims to face challenges with unwavering conviction and to seek solace and strength in Allah’s power and control over all matters. By internalizing these lessons, believers can find comfort, courage, and guidance in their journey of faith.