Punishment For Adultery In Hindu Dharma

1. Severe punishments for Adulterers

📚Yajnavalkya Smriti 2.289📚
The highest form of pecuniary punishment is the penalty, if adultery is committed by a man with a woman of the same caste ; the second form is (the penalty, when a similar offence is committed with] a woman of a lower caste ; and death [is the penalty, when it is committed] with a woman of a higher caste. The cutting of the nose, etc., [is the penalty] for women.”  (source)

📚Apastamba Dharmsutra📚
A young man who, decked with ornaments, enters unintentionally (a place where) a married woman or a (marriageable) damsel (sits), must be reprimanded. But he does it intentionally with a bad purpose, he must be fined. If he has actually committed adultery, his organ shall be cut off together with the testicles.”  (source)

📚Gautama Dharmsutra 23.14-15📚
A woman who commits adultery with a man of lower caste the king shall cause to be devoured by dogs in a public place. He shall cause the adulterer to be killed (also).”  (source)

📚Skanda Purana📚
Those who commit breach of trust, those who have sex with other men’s wives and those who speak ill of the Vedas, attain the state of Piśāca.”  (source)

📚Brahma Purana 108.51-54📚
He who out of delusion, with a guilty mind, seduces the wife of his brother is born a male cuckoo and remains in that form for a year. Overpowered by the sex-instinct, if he seduces the wife of his friend or preceptor or the ruling monarch he is born as a boar and remains in that form for five years, as a crane for ten years, as an ant for three months, as a worm for a month. Having passed through these births he is born as a worm. He lives in that form for fourteen years.”  (source)

📚Agni Purana 227.40📚
One who seizes the house or field (belonging to another,) one who copulates with another’s wife, one who is an incendiary and one who administers poison should be killed…”  (source)

2. Hell for Adulterers

📚Vishnu Purana 2.6.11-13📚
and he who is disrespectful to his spiritual guide, who is abusive to his betters, who reviles the Vedas, or who sells them, who associates with women in a prohibited degree, into the Lavaṇa (salt) hell.”  (source)

📚Brahma Purana 106.90-97📚
The hell named Salmala contains blazing sturdy thorny shrubs. The woman who lives with many men has to embrace these thorny shrubs. She becomes wiserable thereby.”  (source)