Punishment for disbelievers in Hindu Scriptures

Punishment for disbelievers in Hinduism 

📖Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.15
If a person deviates from the path of the Vedas in the absence of an emergency, the servants of Yamarāja put him into the hell called Asi-patravana, where they beat him with whips. When he runs hither and thither, fleeing from the extreme pain, on all sides he runs into palm trees with leaves like sharpened swords. Thus injured all over his body and fainting at every step, he cries out, “Oh, what shall I do now! How shall I be saved!” This is how one suffers who deviates from the accepted religious principles.

📖Manusmriti 2:11
If a twice-born person, relying upon the science of dialectics, should disregard these two sources, he should be cast out by good men,—the detractor of the Veda being an infidel.

?Brahma Purana 106:136
There is a hell named Atratiṣṭha. It contains putrescent urine and faeces. Those who censure Smṛtis and the Vedas fall into it with faces downwards.

📖Padma Puran Section 5 Chapter 96 Verses 49:76 Those men who are averse to religion through their deeds, mind and words, and who are without i.e. who do not have devotion to Viṣṇu, go to hell. Those men who look upon Brahmā, Śaṅkara and Viṣṇu as different from one another, and who are detached from knowledge about Viṣṇu, go to hell. That man who, through lust or delusion, gives up the act proper for his family or country, and would do something else, goes to hell. A man who worships what should not be worshipped, and does not worship what should be worshipped, and is disinterested in the knowledge about Viṣṇu, suffers in many hells. That sinner who dies as a wealthy man without giving to his dead ancestors, deities, brāhmaṇas, or his mortal relatives, goes to many hells. He who discriminates in the distribution of food, when all kinds of food are ready, and eats without making an offering to all deities, goes to (lives in) hell for a long time. O brāhmaṇa, those rich men who earn wealth by too much deceiving beings and the religious hypocrites experience grief. Those who, when proper time has come, do not devoutly offer śrāddha through atheism or greed or delusion are roasted in hell. That sinful man who causes obstruction when wealth is being given to brāhmaṇas, would go to hell.

📖Padma Puran Section 5 Chapter 96 Verses 49:76 Do not devoutly offer sraddha through atheism or greed or delusion are roasted in hell. That sinful man who causes obstruction when wealth is being given to brahmaṇas, would go to hell. That man who, when the presents made in common, being deluded, takes them all alone, and who is inclined to atheism, would live in the abode of hell.

  • Punishment in Hinduism if anyone reject the vedas according to this verse people of all the different religions including the Hindus who are rejecting vedas are all Kaffir so Yamarāja will put them into hell.

Reference : Srimad Bhagavatam 5.26.15

Reference : Manusmriti 2:11

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Reference : Brahma Purana 106:136

Reference : Padma Puran Section 5 Chapter 96 Verses 49:76