Punishment For Theft In Hinduism

1. Punishment for Theft

📚Garuda Purana 1.109.30📚
A fitting punishment to the thief is the death sentence; being reserved is the best punishment for a false friend; lying on a separate bed is a punishment for women, and non invitation in sacrifice is a punishment for brahmanas.”  (source)

📚Agni Purana 227.37📚
The organ with which one would steal from others should be removed by the king for the sake of discipline.”  (source)

2. Hell for thieves

📚Vayu Purana 2.39.156-157📚
He who sells the Vedas, he who blasphemes the Vedas, those who abuse or disrespect elders or hit them with wounding words and one who carnally approaches forbidden women – all these fall into hell named Sabala, A thief or a trespasser falls into the hell Vimoha…Those who hate Devas and Brahmanas, those who do not worship preceptors and those who contaminate precious gems fall into the hell Krmibhaksya.”  (source)

📚Brahma Purana 105.123-128📚
The following types of sinners enter through the southern gate : Those who kill brahmins, cows, boys, old men, sick men, persons who seek refuge, persons who have trusted, women, friends and persons who have no weapons; those foolish persons who indulge in sexual intercourse with the forbidden women; those who steal other men’s riches; those who misappropriate money deposited or kept in trust…All these people enter through the southern door.”  (source)