Shiva raped Mohini in Srimad Bhagavatam

📖Srimad Bhagavatam 8:12-25
Lord Siva, his good sense taken away by the woman because of lusty desires to enjoy with Her, became so mad for Her that even in the presence of Bhavānī he did not hesitate to approach Her.

📖Srimad Bhagavatam 8:26-28
The beautiful woman was already naked, and when She saw Lord Śiva coming toward Her, She became extremely bashful. Thus She kept smiling, but She hid Herself among the trees and did not stand in one place. His senses being agitated, Lord Śiva, victimized by lusty desires, began to follow Her, just as a lusty elephant follows a she-elephant. After following Her with great speed, Lord Śiva caught Her by the braid of Her hair and dragged Her near him. Although She was unwilling, he embraced Her with his arms.

  • Shiva can’t control his lust after seeing Mohini

📖Shiva Purana Section 5 – Uma-Samhita Chapter 4 – Verses 17-22: O great sage, Visnu was deluded by Kaama by the power of Siva’s Maya. He outraged the modesty of other men’s wives many times. Indra, the lord of the gods, became fascinated by Gautama’s wife. That vicious one committed sin and so was cursed by the sage. Even the firegod, the most excellent in the universe was deluded by Siva’s Maya. Due to his pride he became subservient to lust and was ultimately saved by Siva. The wind-god, the vital air of the universe was deluded by Siva’s Māyā due to his arrogance. Overwhelmed by Kama, Vyasa too, had sexual intercourse with other men’s wives. The sun of fierce rays, deluded by Siva’s Maya became lustful on seeing a mare and assumed the form of a horse. The moon deluded by Siva’s Maya became lustful and abducted the wife of Brhaspati and had his sexual union with her. But he was finally saved by Brhaspati himself.

  • According to the verses from the Shiva Purana, the delusion or temptation experienced by Vishnu, Indra, the fire god, the wind god, Vyasa, the sun, and the moon is attributed to the power of Shiva’s Maya. These verses suggest that Shiva’s Maya influenced or deluded these beings, causing them to commit actions driven by desire or lust.

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