Shri Ram and Shambuka – Sar tan se Juda in Hinduism

Shri Ram and Shambuka Story

In Hindu mythology, Shri Ram is an avatar of the god Vishnu and is the hero of the Hindu epic the Ramayana. The story of Shri Ram is revered in Hinduism as a tale of righteousness and devotion.

Shambuka is a character who appears in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. According to the story, Shambuka was a low-caste man who practiced asceticism and yoga, despite being forbidden from doing so by the rules of the caste system. Shri Ram, who was the king at the time, encountered Shambuka and was impressed by his devotion, and austerity. However, the sage Narada warned Shri Ram that allowing a low-caste man to practice asceticism would upset the natural order of the caste system. In response, Shri Ram beheaded Shambuka.

Shri Ram and Shambuka – Sar tan se Juda in Hinduism

  • Here is the story of Rama and Shambuka mentioned in this verse from Valmiki Ramayana:

📖Valmiki Ramayana Chapter 76
Hearing the words of Rama of imperishable exploits, that ascetic, his head still hanging downwards, answered – “O Rama, I was born of a Shudra alliance and I am performing this rigorous penance in order to acquire the status of a God in this body. I am not telling a lie, O Rama, I wish to attain the Celestial Region. Know that I am a Shudra and my name is Shambuka. As he was yet speaking, Raghava, drawing his brilliant and stainless sword from its scabbard, cut off his head. The Shudra being slain, all the Gods and their leaders with Agni’s followers, cried out, “Well done! Well done!” overwhelming Rama with praise, and a rain of celestial flowers of divine fragrance fell on all sides, scattered by Vayu. In their supreme satisfaction, the Gods said to that hero, Rama.

Releted : Killing and Murder by Hindu Gods in Vedas 

Rama killed a Sudra & all the gods were afraid because of Shambuka meditation and knowledge and Shambuka was a low caste Hindu so Rama killed him and all the gods praised Rama.

Reference Valmiki Ramayana Chapter 76