The Movement of Lightning Flashes and Strokes In Quran

How is the movement of lightning?

📖Riyad as-Salihin 201
The Messenger of Allah Says: “Have you not seen how the lightning and returns in the twinkling of an eye?

📖Quran 24:43
Do you not see that Allah drives clouds? Then He brings them together, then He makes them into a mass, and you see the rain emerge from within it. And He sends down from the sky, mountains [of clouds] within which is hail, and He strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills. The flash of its lightening almost takes away the eyesight.

  • The statement in Riyad as-Salihin 201 “the lightning and returns in the twinkling of an eye” can be considered scientifically correct because it accurately describes the behavior of positive lightning, where the main bolt or stroke travels back up to the cloud. This behavior has been studied and documented by scientists, including researchers at NASA, so it aligns with scientific understanding in that specific context.

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Reference: Lightning Flashes and Strokes

The statement in Quran 24:43 “The flash of its lightning almost takes away the eyesight” is scientifically accurate in conveying the temporary visual impairment caused by the intense brightness of a lightning flash, which is a phenomenon similar to flash blindness. It accurately describes how a powerful lightning strike can briefly affect one’s ability to see clearly due to the overwhelming brightness.

Reference: Flash blindness


It’s important to note that both statements refer to the rapid and intense nature of lightning, one describing its behavior and the other its visual impact, aligning with scientific explanations of lightning and its effects on perception.

Additional Information

The Quran is considered to be a book of signs or “ayahs” by Muslims. The word “ayah” literally means “a sign” or “a miracle” in Arabic. The Quran is believed to contain many signs or miracles, which can be seen as both literal and metaphorical. These signs are believed to provide evidence of the Quran’s divine origin and to serve as guidance for those who read it. Muslims believe that the Quran contains a variety of signs and miracles, such as the creation of the universe, the formation of the human being, and the stories of the prophets.