Hadith on Fasting: Reject Meal Invitation During Fast

📖Sahih Muslim 1150
Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) as saying: If any one of you is invited to a meal when he is fasting, he should say:” I am fasting.”

The primary meaning and lesson derived from this hadith is related to the etiquettes and manners of fasting in Islam. By informing the host that one is fasting, the individual is reminding themselves and others of their commitment to abstain from food and drink during the fasting hours. It is an act of self-discipline and a way to honor the fast.

There are several lessons that Muslims can learn from this hadith:

  1. Honoring the fast: By openly stating that one is fasting, it serves as a reminder to oneself and others about the importance and sanctity of fasting. It reflects the commitment and dedication to fulfill the obligations of fasting.
  2. Showing gratitude: By informing the host about one’s fast, it allows them to appreciate the intention and effort of the fasting person. It demonstrates gratitude for the invitation while respectfully declining due to fasting.
  3. Avoiding temptation: By openly stating that one is fasting, it helps create a barrier against potential temptations. The host may modify the menu or take precautions not to offer food or drinks that could lead the fasting person to break their fast unintentionally.
  4. Spreading awareness: By informing others about fasting, it helps promote awareness and understanding of Islamic practices. It provides an opportunity for dialogue and education about the significance and benefits of fasting in Islam.
  5. Encouraging support and respect: By communicating that one is fasting, it allows others to offer support and respect the person’s commitment to fasting. It encourages an environment of empathy and understanding.

Overall, this hadith highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity of the fast and encourages Muslims to demonstrate proper manners and etiquettes while fasting. It serves as a reminder to uphold the principles of self-discipline, gratitude, and awareness throughout the month of Ramadan or any other voluntary fast.