Lust Of Brahma In Hinduism

1. Brahma Ejaculates on Seeing Various Women

Brahma ejaculates and drops his semen after staring at the face of Sati,

📚Shiva Purana📚
O sage, while going round the fire, the feet of Sati protruded out of the cloth that covered them. I looked at them. My mind being afflicted by love I stared at the limbs of Sati. O excellent brahmin, I was deluded by Siva’s Mäyã. The more I stared at the beautiful limbs of Sati eagerly the more I became thrilled like a love-afflicted man. Staring thus at the chaste daughter of Daksa and being afflicted by the cupid, O sage, I craved to see her face. Since she was bashful in the presence of Siva I could not see her face. She did not show out her face on account of shyness. Then I began to consider proper means whereby I could see the face. Afflicted much by the cupid, I pitched upon the production of airful smoke as the means thereof. Then lord Siva, the supreme God, indulged in many sports, covered his eyes (apparently) afflicted by smoke. Then, O sage, afflicted by the cupid and delighted in the heart of hearts, I lifted her veil and stared into the face of Sati. I looked at the face of Sati many a time. I was helpless in curbing the onset of a sensuous organism. Four drops of my semen virile got displaced and fell on the ground like drops of dew as a result of staring into her face. O sage, then I was stunned into silence. I was surprised. I became suspicious. I covered up the semen drops lest anyone should see them.”  (source)

Brahma ejaculates on seeing the wife of Sage Santanu- Amogha,

📚Padma Purana 1.55.16b-18a📚
The grandsire of all the worlds, after seeing Amoghā, ejaculated. From that is said to be the rise of Lauhitya. It purifies all people. It is full of all sacred places; resorting to which a man goes to the healthy world of Brahmā.”  (source)

Brahma ejaculated after looking at Rati with lust,

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Brahma Khanda 4.10-13📚
Both of them bowed in reverence to lord Krishna and thereafter they took their seats over the gem-studded thrones. Kamadeva carried a bow of flowers and the arrows which were known as Marana, Stambhana, Jrmbhana, Soçana and Unmadana. In order to test the effectiveness of his arrows, Kamadeva shot all the five arrows at the same time. As a result of this all the people became passionate. Finding Rati there, the Semen of Brahmä fell but Brahma, the best of the vogis, concealed the same with his costumes out of shame.”  (source)

Brahma ejaculated after seeing nymphs with well built and erotic bodies,

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Krishna Janma Khanda 131.14-19📚
Looking at their well built body, the flesh, smiling faces and the pelvic region, Brahma was infested with passion. O Brahmana, Brahma could not control himself and his semen fell. Brahma feeling ashamed hid it in a cloth and after the music was over, Brahma getting infatuated with passion took out the cloth and threw it out in the ocean. Thereafter, a divine immense lustre, emerged out of the water and sat in the lap of Brahma, who was feeling ashamed seated in the court of Visnu. In the meantime, getting angry Varuna came out of the water and bowing in reverence to the gods he tried to take away the boy with him. The boy on the other hand started crying and caught hold of Brahma. But Brahma could not speak anything getting ashamed.”  (source)

Brahma ejaculated after seeing the wives of gods and various other Apsaras,

📚Vayu Purana 2.4.29-31📚
The brilliantly shining goddess Earth, the quarters, the intermediate quarters, the Lords of quarters, the celestial virgins, the wives of Devas, the mothers and Ayu all these were present there in embodied form in front of the Lord (Brahma) who was performing the Yajna assuming the form of Varuna. On seeing the ladies, the semen virile of Svayambhu fell on the ground..”  (source)

Brahma ejaculated on seeing the toe of Parvati,

📚Brahma Purana 4.3.17-22📚
During the course of touching the slab, Siva urged by Visnu, touched the toe of the right foot of the goddess with his hand. Performing the sacrifice there near Siva, I saw her. My semen got ejaculated due to my evil mind on seeing the toe. In the entire three worlds, who is not deceived by Cupid? Defiled and ashamed, I scattered the ejaculated semen in small droplets. From the minute particles of my semen the Valakhi- lyas” were born. Then there was a great commotion caused by Devas. Overwhelmed by shame, I stood up from my seat and started. Even as Devas watched silently, O Nárada, I went ahead. On seeing me go, Mahâdeva spoke to Nandin: Siva said: Call Brahma here. I shall make him free from sin.”  (source)

Another reference,

📚Shiva Purana📚
Then according to the worldly convention, Pārvatī and Śiva performed the circumambulation round the fire, O dear. The husband of Pārvatī exhibited a wonderful feat. O celestial sage, listen to that. I shall mention it out of love for you. On that occasion, deluded by Śiva’s power of illusion I stared at the feet of the goddess as well as the crescentshaped nails. On seeing them, O celestial sage, I became overwhelmed by passion. My mind was greatly disturbed. Deluded by the cupid I stared at her limbs frequently. Then, immediately after staring at them, my semen dropped on the ground. I, the grandfather, was ashamed by the emission of my semen. O sage, I pressed the penis secretly with my feet. O Nārada, on coming to know of it, the great God Śiva became furious. He wanted to kill me immediately because I was overwhelmed by lust. O Nārada, there was great hue and cry everywhere. All the people trembled. Even Viṣṇu, the sustainer of the universe, was terrified. O sage, then Viṣṇu and other gods eulogised Śiva who was blazing furiously and who attempted to kill me.”  (source)

2. Brahma’s Incest With his Daughter

📚Matsya Purana 3.30-44📚
With this view, He began to invoke Gayatri. After some time the goddess Gayatri, known under different names, viz. – Satarupa, Savitri, Sarasvati, Brahmani, etc., appeared in the form of a girl from the half portion of Brahma’s body who at the first sight mistakenly took Her for His daughter. Afterwards, the Creator, seeing that form of exquisite beauty, was fired with love and repeatedly uttered, “What an enchanting form!” At this, the Manasa putras of Brahma, i.e., Vasistha, etc., taking Savitri for their sister, began to express their feelings….. Brahma, fired with passion in her company, married Satarupa and began to pass his days in enjoyment inside a lotus. He enjoyed the company of Savitri for hundred years, and after a long time Manu was born to them.”  (source)

📚Brahma Viavarta Purana Krishna Janma Khanda 35.44-68📚
The lord of the universe handing over the arrows to kama, felt extremely delighted and looking at the daughter he thought of bestowing a boon on her…the creator of the universe who happens to be the lord of mantras was wounded and he lost his senses. On regaining his consciousness he found the girl there and became desirous of enjoying her company. The chaste girl fled from the scene in terror. Finding her father following her she felt terrified and ran for shelter towards his ascetic brothers. Keeping the girl with them, the ascetics looked at; Brahma, their own father with great anger and they spoke to him the words which were according to the Vedas, quite appropriate and the best. The sages said- It pain us a lot that you have indulged in such an action which is to be denounced by all. O creator of universe, you have indulged in the actions which are practiced by the degraded people. The noble people always look at the other women like their own mother and always control their senses. Such people are adored every where in the universe. You are yourself the creator of the universe and you intend to enjoy the company of your own daughter…”O father, your mind is infested with passion and you therefore disappear from the sight of sight of we people at a long distance. Though we are competent enough to reduce you to ashes but we still do not so taking you to be our father”…Thus speaking the sages offered their salutation at the feet of Brahma, everything is possible according to the moves of destiny. He stopped his Prdnavdyu (wind of life) and broke the Satcakra with the yogic practices and pushing it through the Brahmarandhra, his soul was about to leave his body. All the sages than engaged themselves in their respective assignment and Brahma feeling ashamed thought of ending his life.”  (source)

📚Brahma Vaivarta Purana Krishna Janma Khanda 35.11-13📚
On reaching Goloka Brahma achieved Sarasvati who happens to be the goddess of all the matter and had. emerged out of my lotus-like face. Achieving Sarasvati Brahma felt delighted, Brahma then himself permitted the god of love to short the arrows on him. Soon thereafter Brahma returned to my place and bowed before me. Owning Sarasvati who could attract the three worlds, Brahma took her to the secluded places and enjoyed her company.”  (source)

📚Skanda Purana📚
Thereafter, O great goddess, a pilgrim should go to the shrine situated to the west of Parnaditya. As already mentioned, it is adored by Brahma. It is on the banks of Sarasvati. O my beloved, I shall mention its origin. Listen with rapt attention. Even as Brahma was creating the four divisions of living beings formerly, a lady of lotus-like eyes with wonderfully exquisite beauty was born. Her neck resembled conch shell. Her tresses were fine. Her lips were like Bimba fruit and her waist was slender. Her navel was deep. She had excellent buttocks, fully developed breasts and hips. Her face was like the full moon. The ankles were hidden (under muscles) and her face wore a smile. She shone to such an extent that there was no Devi (Deva-woman), no Gändhärvi, no Àsurt and no serpent-girl who had a similar beautiful form. On seeing her richly endowed with beauty, Brahma became overwhelmed with love, O lady of excellent complexion. He requested her for granting him the pleasure of love-play. When he made this request, O great goddess, his fifth head assumed the form of an ass and fell down due to that sin in an instant. After realizing the great sin due to the lustfulness for his own daughter, he became extremely disgusted. He, therefore, went to the holy region of Prabhâsa.”  (source)

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.12.28-31📚
O Vidura, we have heard that Brahmã had a daughter named väk who was born from his body and who attracted his mind toward sex, although she was not sexually inclined towards him. Thus, finding their father so deluded in an act of immorality, the sages headed by Marici, all sons of Brahma, spoke as follows with great respect. O father, this performance in which you are endeavoring to complicate yourself was never attempted by any other Brahmã, nor by anyone else, nor by you in previous kalpas, nor will anyone dare to attempt it in the future. You are the supreme being in the universe, so how is it that you want to have sex with your daughter and cannot control your desire? Even though you are the most powerful being, this act does not suit you because your character is followed for spiritual improvement by people in general.”  (source)

📚Skanda Purana
Prajpati (i.e. Brahma) was formerly deluded, O Brahmanas. He desired like a lover of his own daughter named Vac (Speech) joyously. This daughter of Prajapati became ashamed on noticing his lecherous love for her. Hence she assumed the form of a Rohita deer. Inclined to have sexual dalliance with her, Brahma too took the form of a deer. As she went ahead in the guise of a female deer, he too followed her. On seeing him intent on having sexual intercourse with his daughter, all the deities condemned him: ‘This Brahma is committing a deed that should not be done, i.e. attempt to have sexual union with one’s own daughter. Thus they censured the creator and the Lord of the worlds. On seeing Paramesthin (Brahma) engaged in the forbidden act, Lord Hara took up the Pinaka bow and assumed the form of a hunter. He fitted one arrow to his bow. He drew the bow string as far as his ear and hit Brahma with his sharp arrow. Struck down by the arrow of the Annihilator of the three Puras, Brahma fell down on the ground.”  (source)

📚Skanda Purana📚
Formerly, in the beginning of Kṛtayuga, Brahmā attempted to have sexual intercourse with his own daughter who was richly endowed with beauty and youth. On seeing him like that I cut off his head with a sword into five parts in a great fury. Taking the skull (sticking to) the hand that attempted the murder of Brahmā, I immediately left the place in order to resort to various Tīrthas in heaven, earth and nether worlds and performed penances as well.”  (source)

📚Shiva Purana 5.4.27📚
Many times, Brahmā, deluded by Śiva’s Māyā, had the desire for sexual union with his own daughter and other women.”  (source)

3. Bizarre Creations of Brahma 

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.20.23📚
Lord Brahma then gave birth to the demons from his buttocks, and they were very fond of sex. Because they were too lustful, they approached him for copulation.”  (source)

📚Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.12.26📚
Lust and desire became manifested from the heart of Brahma, anger from between his eyebrows, greed from between his lips, the power of speaking from his mouth, the ocean from his penis, and low and abominable activities from his anus, the source of all sins.”  (source)