Thinking from the Heart In Quran

?Quran 22:46
So have they not traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear?

  • The heart is considered the source of emotions, desire, and wisdom. Therefore, the aim of this article was to review the available evidence about the role of the heart in pain modulation.

Reference : Scientists have reported that The heart is considered the source of emotions, desire, and wisdom

  • As part of the “Heart Smarts” series, “Today” explores the link between your heart health and your emotions. The heart’s more than a pump — it actually sends messages to the brain. Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Institute of HeartMath visited “Today” to discuss the science behind the theory.

Reference : Does your heart sense your emotional state?

Additional Information

The Quran is considered to be a book of signs or “ayahs” by Muslims. The word “ayah” literally means “a sign” or “a miracle” in Arabic. The Quran is believed to contain many signs or miracles, which can be seen as both literal and metaphorical. These signs are believed to provide evidence of the Quran’s divine origin and to serve as guidance for those who read it. Muslims believe that the Quran contains a variety of signs and miracles, such as the creation of the universe, the formation of the human being, and the stories of the prophets.