Caste Discrimination in Hindu Dharma

📖Brahma Purana Chapter 64:19
In regard to the people of the first three castes the rite of holy bath and the repetition of Mantras is in the manner mentioned in the Vedas. The utterance of the Vedic passage is to be avoided by women as well as Sudras.

📖Manusmriti 4:80
He *Brahmanas* shall not offer advice to a Sudra, nor the leavings, nor what has been prepared as an offering to the Gods. He shall hot expound the law to him; nor shall he indicate to him any penance.—

📖SB 7.11.18-20
Engaging in the service of low-grade persons, however, is called sva-vrtti, the profession of the dogs. Specifically, brāhmaṇas and kṣatriyas should not engage in the low and abominable service of sudras. Brāhmaṇas should be well acquainted with all the Vedic knowledge, and ksatriyas should be well acquainted with the worship of demigods.

📖SB 11.17.19
Service without duplicity to the brāhmaṇas, cows, demigods and other worshipable personalities, and complete satisfaction with whatever income is obtained in such service, are the natural qualities of śūdras.

📖SB 11.17.49
A vaisya, or mercantile man, who cannot maintain himself may adopt the occupation of a sudra, and a sudra who cannot find a master can engage in simple activities like making baskets and mats of straw. However, all members of society who have adopted inferior occupations in emergency situations must give up those substitute occupations when the difficulties have passed.

📖Brahma Purana Chapter 115:24
The food cooked by a Śūdra is despised by gods and noble men, O goddess. That which is uttered by Brahma is authoritative.

📖Manusmriti 10:129
Even though he be able, the Sudra shall not amass wealth; for having acquired wealth, the Sudra harasses the Brahmanas.—

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